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From Ambergris Caye To Belmopan to….Ahhhhh….Sleeping Giant Lodge

Sunday was absolute Caribbean perfection.  The wind had shifted – and the sea was calm and flat and incredibly blue.  Perfect for breakfast/brunch/RIBS at Estel’s on the beach.

But overnight, a cold front came through – which in the States/Canada means ominous words like POLAR VORTEX – and here means a shift of the winds.  Coming from the north and the temperatures generally head into the 70s at night.  We can get a bit of rain or grey weather as things shift.

It’s much anticipated down here.  A break from the sun.  And some cool “together weather” or “making babies weather” – as described locally.

I was ready to head out west.  GO WEST!  I boarded the 8:30am San Pedro Belize express boat to Belize City.


GOAL #1  Make it to 1pm appointment to renew my US Passport.  It expires in 2020 but it is full of stamps and the embassy no longer inserts extra pages.  IF I get chosen to go to India, I will need two full pages for the VISA.

Oh but first a little breakfast from Celi’s Deli.  My favorite if I am in town early.


I got off the boat, got into a taxi to the bus terminal $7bzd and JUST made it to be the last man on the James Express Bus south.  Express to Belmopan.  Unfortunately…there wasn’t a seat to be found.   I stood for the hour trip.


Great workout for your legs.

That’s my positive spin and I shall stick with it.  A lovely Australian backpacker asked me if I would like to sit her seat for a while – SO NICE and really made me feel old.  SIgh…

I arrived in Belmopan early and headed over to Ian Anderson’s new deli – filled with cheeses and…more cheeses (I have never been.)

CHARCUTERIE!  I must come back.


Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  No worries.  Just across the street is Formosa Coffee House.  Yum.  I got all my paperwork in order.


Make sure to make your online appointment – and print it out.  And then print out the forms and fill them out.  BLACK PEN.  Make sure you photos fit the specifications.

I headed over to the embassy – which is as close to a maximum security prison as you are going to find in Belize.  Bullet proof glass, doors that take brute strength to open and lock on closing…SECURITY.

Oh…and NO PHOTOS OF THE COMPOUND!  It was quite easy.  Drop off forms, pay $110US or $220BZD and the new passport (with 52 pages, rather than 26!) will be ready in 10 business days.  For pick up.

Two weeks?  I’ll definitely be in the mood for some charcuterie 🙂

After my appointment – and quizzing some of the security guards at the US Embassy…I was off.

I wanted to know if they’ve had any security issues.  I’m nosey like that…

My ride arrived for my easy transfer to gorgeous Sleeping Giant Lodge.  To stay in one of their newest rooms – suites built right up against the cliff – all with crazy amenities and a ridiculous view.

I shall report back.


But I will most certainly need to check out my plunge pool and hot tub.  And the gorgeous grounds…


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