A Trip to Belize City and Our Last Cold Front?

Sunday evening the weather changed ABRUPTLY.  The day was warm, still and humid and at about 8:30pm, an epic dust storm blew through town…winds up to 40mph whipping up everything.  It seemed like rain was coming (and it did on the mainland) but we got nothing.  Just an island full of vehicles that need a good power washing.

The lights flickered and went out on some parts of the island and we woke up Monday morning to grey skies, a north wind and cooler temperature.

I headed out on the 8:30am San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi to meet friends for lunch in Belize City.

Here’s what I saw – and despite the winds, the boat ride was quite easy.  About an hour and 20 minutes from San Pedro to Belize City.

I love this guy…he usually has good music playing from his speakers outside.  But it was too early.

bc (2)

Many, if not most, eateries in Belize City look like this…and serve the unofficial national dish.  Belizean-Chinese Fry Chicken.

bc (1)

The view from the Swing Bridge.

No cruise ships today.

bc (3)

I met a LOVELY gentleman running a very cool organization teaching local music, non-violence and lots more to local youth.   Drums Not Guns.  I’m going to head back when the kids are there…

bc1 (4)Drums Not Guns Organization Belize City

He’s also a fantastic artist.  Love this painting on burlap.  I asked but it was not for sale.

bc1 (5)

I passed a veggie stand that had some different offerings…can you name the item in the green bin?  I can but I definitely not tell you what’s in the bottle.


A man getting a haircut and a sign for a new City Hall building right on the river?    Though apparently this was announced in August of 2014 and said to “commence immediately”.

bc1 (1)

I did a bit of shopping and then headed over to Riverside Tavern for the best burger in Belize.  And the very best onion rings.

bc1 (2)IMG_1418

This morning it’s CHILLY!  Low 70s with a breeze from the north and sun.

I am going out to enjoy perhaps the last cold front of the season.  Soon, the season of sweat begins…

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