My 9 Favorite Spots to Watch the Sunset On Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is really the caye of sunrises.  The reef is to the east and almost all hotels and resorts are oriented that way.  But let’s be honest…you are on vacation!  Waking up between 5:15 and 6:15am is great for some (smaller children and older men) but most of us like to sleep in.  I’m here about 350 days a year and I can count my sunrises on one hand.

You know the old saying.  Early to bed, late to rise…

So sunset is a much more civilized way to observe the solar transitions.  And here are my picks, in no special order, for the best spots to watch.

1.  Cocotal Inn – I said no particular order but this spot on the lagoon side of the Cocotel Inn is staged perfectly for the sunset.  A small dock made for two.  White adirondack chairs.  It’s perfect.


You don’t need to be staying at the inn to enjoy the sunset here – it is just next to the road north – but it does seem like good manners to give way to those who do.  No need to crowd out someone’s honeymoon bliss.

2. The Barrel Bar.  A bit more adventurous.  Located north of town on the lagoon side is Barrel Bar.  It has gone through some name and management changes but it remains basically the same.  A ramshackle building and dock over the lagoon with lots of character.  It’s a local spot for sure but order a beer or a rum and coke (I’m quite sure they are not making strawberry daiquiris) and head to the back porch.  The view over the mangroves is spectacular.


3.  The Truck Stop:  San Pedro’s most happening joint.  4 food trucks – Asian, Latin American, pizza and delicious ice cream and waffle cones.  A jumping bar with all sorts of fun infusions and combinations and a beautiful board walk to the back deck…over the lagoon.  Pull up a chair and watch the sunset and the bonefish and tarpon moving the waters.

Photo from a great blog, I Breathe, I’m Hungry, about eating Ambergris Caye


4.  The Lagoon Side of San Pedro Town:  Just north of the town football field is a small strip of docks used by fishing and tour boats and some gorgeous old style sail boats.  It’s a great spot to park your cart and just enjoy.


5.  Blue Tang Inn:  This is a secret spot and I haven’t been there for a few years.  The Blue Tang, a super cute B&B on the beachfront on the north edge of town has a beautiful top story deck.  If you want to view the sun set over town – this is a great spot.  Either stay at the Blue Tang OR make friends with someone who does.

6. Sunset Cruise:  Here you’ve got options.  There are quite a few companies that can take you out.  Sailing on a catamaran or cruising without a sail.  Viewing sunset from the reef with a rum punch in your hand is gorgeous.

Here is a photo from my trip with Ecologic Charters – they have two gorgeous catamarans.


7. Cayo Francis Farm & Fly’s Swim Platform  I may be biased but I’m a big fan of this unique, gorgeous spot.  West side of Ambergris Caye.  On a small lagoon with no one around.  And at the entrance to the lagoon?  A swim platform that you can take a Boteboard SUP…or a kayak…or a small boat to watch the sunset.  Sigh…


8.  Paradise on the Caye:  I just wrote a post about Secret Beach asking “Has it Jumped the Shark”?  Answer:  No.  It’s a beautiful spot, particularly during the week when it is not too crowded OR you can stay at the bed & breakfast that has opened there this year.

Paradise by the Caye.  On the west side of the island, the sun setting over Cayo Rosario and Blackadore Caye is perfect.  Especially if you are in the shallow, sandy bottomed, crystal clear water.


9.  Caye Caulker

Ok, ok I HEAR YOU…Caye Caulker is not on Ambergris Caye but it’s not far.  And of all the sunsets I’ve seen on Instagram and TRUST ME, there are lots, Caye Caulker takes the prize.  An example…

From Panoramio:

From Panoramio:

Or my picture of a kid walking on a pole during LobsterFest 2012.


That’s all for me.  As ALWAYS, I am open to your suggestions if and only if you provide a photo.  🙂

I’ll be back before then but if I don’t see you – HAPPY NEW YEAR! And EEEK!  I’m fly to Flores on Tropic Air for a two week exploration of Guatemala in only 4 days!

AND if you want to remember these spots for your next vacation to Belize – STICK A PIN IN IT.

The 9 Best Spots to Watch the Sunset on Ambergris Caye, Belize

The 9 Best Spots to Watch the Sunset on Ambergris Caye, Belize

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