Some of the Best Holiday Gifts to Give to Those Who Love Belize

For those who love Belize or know someone who does.  A bunch of these items would be perfect if you are planning your visit for the first time.

I’m going to start big and move on from there.

GoPro – I came to Belize for the very first time looking for ONLY sun and relaxation.  I didn’t want to do a thing.

But I ended up snorkeling…3x in one week.  Belize means some sort of action and adventure, stepping outside of your box.

So whether you want to snap some pics underwater with the sharks…or scuba diving with turtles, biking through San Pedro town (it can be a REAL adventure)…rappelling down a water fall or tubing underground in a cave, a GoPro is going to give you some crazy great footage.

People take some AMAZING photos.

I’ll leave it at just that for the gadgets…and keep it simpler and hopefully less expensive!

Rainbow Flops – After testing all kinds of flip flops in the sun, salt and rain of Belize, I’ve found Rainbow Flip Flops to be my favorite.  You can read about my testing here.

Simple and classic and neutral.  I PROMISE that you can wear them to the dressiest event in Belize.

You can even model them in front of the Rainbow Grill in Caye Caulker.

Or maybe just in front of a rainbow.

Cotton Sarong  – The perfect sarong is simple, not flashy, can be used as a towel or a wrap when you get out of the water and matches everything.  I even bring one on the plane to use as a scarf, wrap, blanket and pillow.  Wrap your lap top in it.  It’s everything!  And incredibly affordable.

I bought a simple one from J Crew (now sold out)

…but you can find some beautiful simple Turkish fabrics/towels online.   Here on Amazon.

And here on Etsy.  There are lots!  And now I’m inspired to buy more…pink please.  Simple Stone.   This green!

You Can Have SO Much Personalized Now…Make it Belize!

Whether it’s embroidery or an IPhone case or a water bottle, you can have EVERYTHING customized these days.  Etsy is a treasure trove of artists.  (Treasure trove for the first 10 minutes, black hole after your first hour on the site.)

Say BELIZE in a puzzle.  How great would this look on your coffee table or your wall?

Or how about a pretty little ring with BELIZE on it.  Or the year you plan to move here.

Or perhaps something in this pretty leather bracelet.


Who hasn’t dreamed about living on an island.  Departure Islands (on Etsy) does some beautiful modern graphic prints of my favorite island.  OR pair it up with some more of his great prints.  Stunning I think…

Tiburon Rum

Rum is the most popular liquor in Belize BY FAR — a by product of the very active sugar cane industry in the northern part of the country.  Tiburon Rum is produced in Belize, has won a boat load of awards, is available in the USA! and is delicious when added to eggnog.

Rum is totally hip and how cool would this bottle look on your holiday liquor cart.

Merry Christmas!

Twig & Pearl Tote Bag

I met Rebecca Stirm, the creator of Twig & Pearl, a few months ago and have been fairly obsessed with her work (and ideas) ever since.  I LOVE her new tote bag – she is working with Oceana Belize to bring awareness to the endangered Hawksbill turtles and has made some gorgeous bags.

Take a look at her website.  I LOVE the manatee clutches too!  She is coming to San Pedro in the next week or so (she is sick right now and still working on a date!) and I have pre-ordered this.

I can’t wait to see it in person!  And now…if only I had an IPad to put it in…

Key Chain

Something special that you carry with you all the time that reminds you of Belize.

This key chain from Rifle Paper Co. is $15 and beautiful.

Actually…everything on this website it absolutely beautiful.  Check out the journals and notebooks.  Sigh!

Travel Cord Roll

I don’t know one person who could not use this.  Cords for my Kindle, computer and IPhone are the #1 things that I either forget or misplace when traveling – even if it is just to town for the afternoon.

I think this one is stylish AND Belize-y in aqua.  But there are tons out there – more manly or more durable.

I need to get one ASAP!

And lastly – check out the website – they have even more customizable stuff but all for travel.

Why not sleep on your boarding pass to Belize!

The website has great posters, mugs, t-shirts TONS of good things of all prices for your favorite traveler.  Take a look.

And HAPPY HOLIDAYS from one last minute gift buyer to another.

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