Miracle on Cork Street: It Feels A LOT Like Christmas In Belize at Mirabs

I love Christmas in Belize.  All the great stuff – twinkling lights, friends, delicious food, music but without the cold weather and the commercial mall-mania.  We don’t even have a mall here in the country.

Santa arrived in San Pedro town yesterday – all a-glitter, enjoying the sun and sand.  He is whiter than I remember…
Each year I LOVE to take a trip to Mirab Home Store in Belize City – a super easy trip via water taxi or plane – that REALLY gets me in the holiday spirit.  The decorations are gorgeous – the very best in the country – and I can pick up some gifts.  Pretty much everything I need in one place.

It’s also a great spot to embrace a Belizean Christmas tradition – Curtains and Marley.   Many people buy new curtains and new marley – a floor covering – to spruce up the home for the new year.

Fresh year, fresh new look.  I think it’s such a GREAT tradition.  AND if you don’t know what marley is…now you do.  It’s for sale at lots of stores and hardware spots.  You can see the rolls hanging in front of this little tienda in San Pedro.

And while I don’t need any new marley…or curtains, there are TONS of things to freshen up and beautify my home at Mirab.  Just a new set of glasses make me very happy.

Here’s what I saw in Mirab on Thursday afternoon.

The court house.

There were three cruise ships in port and the area was bustling.

Into the store – a two minute walk from the San Pedro Belize Express water taxi.

SO PRETTY INSIDE!  I headed straight to the Christmas area.  I LOVE the glitter.If you are going to go faux…GO ALL THE WAY!

For my home decoration – some pretty blue water glasses.  $4.95bze each.

These CUTE retro-bowls with covers.  The covers really got me.  And the fun gift box.  About $55bzd.  And Pyrex.  I’ll have forever.

Pillows are my marley.  One new pillow makes everything look new.

Especially this one for $35bzd.

Some things for my list – and I’m kicking myself already for not buying the first one.  A citrus squeezer.  Oranges in San Pedro are 6 for $1bzd.  SIX.  And while they are not the prettiest on the outside, they make DELICIOUS juice.

For about $45bzd, these would be the gift to myself that just keeps giving.  (And before you even say it…YES, you might see these items for $5-15 less on Amazon…but remember, imported items have duty applied to them in Belize!)

I could so use one of these too!  An electric kettle.

I still want these storage containers.

And these emoticon mugs are super cute.

I bought some of these tiny bowls (in a different pattern) on my last trip to Mirab…and I use them all the time.  Salt bowl.  Bowl for my earrings.  To serve some chopped cilantro.  They come out of the closet with surprising frequency.

I love the measuring cups too!

A new set of dishes would be awesome…

I’m loving the blue with the dots – especially the big mugs and pretty bowls.


But I’m pretty sure fun colors (like the ones on the bottom shelf – blue polka dots!) would make each day better for me.Upstairs…TOYS.

What kid (or adult) in Belize does NOT need a butterfly net?

And I found myself strangely drawn to these Peppa Pigs with croc tails.  Hmmm…

All kinds of fun stocking stuffers.It’s all a bit overwhelming!

All the jewelry and perfumes, candles and toiletries, bags and towels and…I could go on all day.

I bought gift bags, ribbon and some treat bags for my cookies (to be baked).

But I’ll leave it with this…something I am quite sure every woman wants.  Even if she just plays with them at home like I would.


The lovely guys at Mirab’s helped me carry my boxes to the boat – they have lots of extra staff and extra hours for the holiday season.  I was home before sunset.

And what a GORGEOUS sunset it was in San Pedro.

A couple sitting in the water in front of Sandy Toes Bar.  Gorgeous, right?

I’m going to message Mirab and get that citrus juicer for myself for Christmas.  Oranges…so cheap and so plentiful in Belize.  It’s almost a necessity.

For ALL the information on Mirab – the extended holiday hours – more gift ideas – shipping information, sales, check the Facebook page.  They are EXTREMELY responsive if you message – and super helpful.


Or just head over there – the carols playing and the trees sparkling, it’s a holiday tradition for me.

Like seeing the Rockettes in NYC or visiting Macy’s but WITHOUT the cold and WITHOUT the massive crowds.

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