Owning on Ambergris Caye: HUGE Fully Loaded Family Home, 3 Miles South

Last year I introduced a new feature – a look into owning on Ambergris Caye…homes, condos, land…maybe even islands.   We’ve looked at a home 6 miles north and a condo a few miles south (you can see those below), here is the next “listing”.

It’s what I call “The Neighborhood, Fully -Loaded Family Home”.  Let me explain why…

Picture this.  You visit Ambergris Caye and you fall in love.  With the people and the weather, THE FOOD and…the weather.  That’s the easiest part.

During this imaginary 10 day stay, you chat with various Americans and Canadians.  They live here part of the year or most of the year or all of it – they own property, some run businesses or maybe a vacation rental.

If they can do it, so can you!

But wait…

I’ve been here for 10 years — there are things that you may not think of when you move here.  I didn’t think of any of them!  Why would you?  Things like rain water storage, potential disruptions in power, storm protection…

This house – big enough for a family or a large group AND a guest cabin or rental – comes FULLY LOADED.

There is EVEN A WEATHER station!

You can tell that an engineer helped design it and lovingly maintain it.  This home – on a large double lot in the cutest residential neighborhood on the island (The Mosquito Coast) – is SO impressively move-in ready, I found myself taking photos like this…

And this…

When I went by for a tour.  Not the usual glamour shots but after a few years of living here?  There are few things sexier.

But let me show you all of the pictures.  The home is 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  There is an office that could be another bedroom.  There is a HUGE ground floor with more storage than I’ve ever seen on Ambergris Caye – currently a home gym, a work room, 2 huge storage rooms and a garage.

This could all become more living space…or rental space.

There is pool and a deck and a beautiful koi pond and sitting area – a fully landscaped (and that is no small feat on this island!) gardens…tons of parking both indoor and out.

But let me start from the beginning.

Driving south from San Pedro town – just after the beautiful Victoria House, the paved road ends, turning back to sand. Along the beach there are pretty large homes and huge coconut palms stretching to the sky.

This area has been developed for a while.  Buildings that have been up for 10 years or more.  So  think more full-growth beauty and less construction, fewer resorts and bars (there are only a handful) – back before the island drew so many tourists.

Less talking, more photos.

On a tiny dead-end street just a lot back from the beach.

Follow the path to the house.

And then looking towards the beach.

The second floor is the main living area.  The love of storage is apparently everywhere – huge cabinets and closets.  It’s heavenly.

A look into the master bedroom with ensuite bathroom.

There is also a huge third floor roof deck with wet bar and…imagine the parties?  There is SO much you could do with this space!

A gorgeous view of the sea and the lagoon.

The pool area and cabin – with one bedroom, kitchen and bathroom – are my absolute favorites.

And inside…the perfect little spot.

The wood work is just beautiful.

So…if you fancy owning on this part of the island – residential homes, quiet, a very well organized neighborhood watch, a short drive to town for convenience but a little store and a smattering of neighborhood restaurants within walking distance, LOTS of space, plenty of space for the dogs to go outside in the yard, all the necessities and extras from a back-up water system to a security system, tons of storage and lots of room to expand, this might be perfect for you.

More than a family home, it’s a family compound – I picture huge family reunions and get togethers.  All the family in the main home and I retreat to my little cabin oasis.

For all the information, including price and many many many pictures, click thru here.


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