Weekend In San Pedro And Then Moving On Up…

It’s been a HOT week in Belize (I can probably repeat this sentence, sometimes adding “wet”, for the next 3 months).  With my friend Jamie visiting, I’ve been getting a bit more out and about.  Trivia at the Truck Stop Thursday.   Lunch and chocolate on Friday.  Yoga on Sunday.  And then checking in to a brand new rental spot Monday morning.

Here are a bunch of pictures that I took so you can tag along.

My friend Jamie was with me for my very first visit to Belize.  August 2006.  And Wild Mango’s was one of our first lunches.  It remains a favorite.

The food is great.  And so is the view.

Right next store- I mean you HAVE TO GO IN – is the delicious Belize Chocolate Company.Just up the street, the walkway to the beach through the Holiday Hotel.

Sunday morning yoga at Ak’Bol.

Later that afternoon we were walking on the beach.  The sargasso is bad right now…lots and lots of brown seaweed on the coast and dead fish occasionally wash up.

We saw this floating in the water.

About the length of my forearm…this was interesting enough to pull from the seaweed.  And then photograph.

I posted him (I later learn that those spikes down near the end are male parts) – and immediately got 20 comments.  One was from a scientist at MarAlliance Panama who tagged a scientist on Ambergris Caye.

And my phone rang.

Can I get that shark…can I bag him up…and put him in my freezer?  Sure.

We dropped him off in town the next morning.

First indications is that it’s a Caribbean Rough Shark.  Deep water.  First recorded in Belize!

If you don’t know the MarAlliance, come on down to the Truck Stop on Wednesday night.  They are hosting a movie, information and game night showing Blue Planet:  Open Ocean.

Be there or be square.

Monday morning I threw a few things in my bag and Jamie and I were off to a brand new home located on what I like to call Ambergris Caye’s “Jade Coast” – a few mile stretch from about 4 miles to 6 miles north of large houses and beautiful single level resorts.   Like Mata Chica Resort.  SO BEAUTIFUL!

The house is called Third Coast – here are a few pics.  I have about 1000 more.

That’s it for today.  I’m already checking out…


But white couches?  I’m too scared to mess them up!  See you at the movies on Wednesday.  We have one last chance to get into the pool…

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