THE BEACH IS BACK! And Other Friday in San Pedro Snapshots

There is only one thing to talk about right now.  The plague has subsided.  The sargasso has stopped…for a few days now.  Since the Tropical Depression that turned into Hurricane Michael breezed by us.

LOOK!  The sea floor!

I won’t get too cocky but I’ll show you some pictures.  The water isn’t TOTALLY clear yet…there is still plenty of decaying seaweed that needs to be swept away but HOPEFUL!

I am very very very hopeful.

I’m sure this tiny rainbow over the lagoon this morning means something positive.

The guys who rake the beach in Central Park every single day – taking a break.

Other Friday happenings.

Joker’s dock on Back a Back Street.  He helps us bring building materials – anything heavy – up to the camp.  We also drop our trash off there for a monthly fee.

Stopping for tacos and BANANA juice at Neri’s Tacos.  My order:  3 dollar pork taco with onion, no chile and a banana juice.

I asked what the MOST popular juice is – and the answer is Sandia.  Watermelon.  But they have horchata and papaya and orange and…ICE cold.

I had some hang-out time in town.  Between meetings and my favorite spot for that – AC….comfy seating…DEEEElicious coffee is Lavish Habit.

A few more spots before I headed home.

A peep into the Catholic Church.

Grabbing some dog food and being frightened AGAIN by this creepy Halloween guy.

Aba Isieni to check AGAIN if they had fry conch.  Not yet…but the fried chicken for $8bzd is fantastic and a massive portion with rice and beans.

And another quick stop into Sew What! Norte.   Busy busy busy.  Producing all the Sunbrella cushions for this country is NO small feat.

Keep your fingers crossed about the sargasso.  Whether it’s the currents or the wind or the ocean temp or…who knows.  It’s working right now.  And WE NEED A BREAK!  Mid Feb to Mid October is MORE than enough.

I’ll be up EARLY tomorrow with my new binoculars…maybe I’ll see you there.


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