Maya Island Air’s New Terminal: Bling & Bagels At San Pedro Airstrip

It wasn’t THAT long ago that I moved to Belize.  I touched down in San Pedro with three OVERSTUFFED suitcases in January of 2007.  Did I really need 40lbs worth of books?  YES!  This was Rebecca P.K. or pre-Kindle.

There were (and still are) two carriers that fly to San Pedro – Tropic Air and Maya Island.  At the time, both operated out of small wooden one-story buildings.  So small, that on heavy traffic day, you’d check in for your flight and go sit outside.  There just wasn’t enough room.

Tropic Air upgraded and upsized their terminal in 2009 and yesterday Maya Island Air opened the doors to the larger new terminal that is opening today.

Here is a photo from 2011 of the old building.

And now located a few hundred feet to the south is a HUGE new cement building.  And inside?  HOLY MOLY.  Not at all what I was expecting.  Take a look.

Marble, mahogany and chandelier!

I was there for a press preview and a open house and for the launch of the 4th Edition of CC+L Magazine – Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle Magazine:  Belize Edition.

The magazine is the inhouse magazine of Maya Island Air.  Interesting.

Some of my suggestions for ONE DAY ION AMBERGRIS CAYE and my photos are in there.  Very interesting.

But most interesting to me about the magazine…I get to see ads for new projects and developments around the country…like these.

I like to know things!

a.  Falah Del Mar in Maya Beach Placencia

b.  Belizean Rain Forest Reserve – I’m not positive of the location but here’s what I found:  The Belize Rainforest Reserve is located in Western Belize in the ‘Cayo’ District. The Belize Rainforest Reserve is surrounded by another government-protected natural reserve (Tapir Reserve), but remains surprisingly well connected – with an airstrip twenty minutes away, providing convenient accessibility. The three closest cities to the reserve are San Ignacio (25 minute drive), – which provides an excellent range of shops, bars and restaurants), Belmopan (25 minute drive), the country’s capital city and Belize City (1 hour 15mins drive), the country’s largest city and home to the international airport

c.  Ray Caye – their website isn’t working yet but it is the resort island formerly known as Hatchet Caye off Placencia

But let me get back to the Grand Opening of Maya Island because it is seriously grand.

Especially the 2nd floor – a bar and food place run by Brooklyn Bagel Company.

The bar’s first patron.  Love the bamboo straws!

The food was really great.  I DO love a fresh bagel – pretty much more than anything.

The media was out in full force…

Will this also be an event space?  Can I just run in and grab a bagel with cream cheese or is this sit down only?  Will patrons have time to utilize the bar/sit down eatery when flights move in and out so quickly…

I need to return later this week when it is all up and running for more details.  Until then all I can say is WOW.

Very very impressive.

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