Tour The West Side of Ambergris Caye, Beaches and Sandbars, with Belize BBQ Boats

The west side of Ambergris Caye is hot.  H. O. T.  With the crystal clear calm shallow gorgeous blue waters, hundreds of visitors flock there a day.  And the only spot you can reach by road is the Secret Beach area.

And while Secret Beach is awesome – and there really is something for everyone out there – it can be a bit crowded.  Especially if you dream of a trip – just you and a few close friends enjoying the waters without a soul in sight.  Perhaps a cold beer…some fresh ceviche and a unicorn tube to float on.

Wait…what?  A unicorn tube to float on?  YES!  Though you can also pick a floating peacock or a more manly toucan.

Have I got the PERFECT tour for you.  Last Sunday I went on a very cool trip with Belize BBQ Boat/Under Da Water Tours and…I loved it.  Not only is it a GREAT way to find some hidden spots on the back side of the island – it’s also INSTA-GOLD!  (Translation:  a great way to get some killer photos that will make all your friends who are currently freezing GREEN with envy)

We went on an afternoon-sunset trip.  Meeting the crew on the back side of town at 1.45pm – and by 2ish…we were afloat on headed out toward Cayo Espanto.

I’ll show you the pictures I took and then post a video at the end – a video that the tour company takes for you and sends you a few days later.

The company co-owners gorgeous home on the lagoon side south of San Pedro town – and where the boats are parked.

This center console can also be used with a grill – so they can do BBQ for you.  Almost a floating restaurant!

Off we go to a gorgeous sandbar.  Jeff was instantly mad that he didn’t bring his fly fishing rod.

It isn’t until you get out of the boat that you realize that it is not quite sand…but millions of tiny pink seashells.

Some a bit larger but most the size of your pinky nail.  I found this beaut.

It is so unbelievably perfect back here.  Wait until you see the video!

We did a bit of exploring and then headed over to a beach just a bit north.  To swim and float…and pose.

A lazy hour or two…and then the sun was starting to set.  We got back on our floating lounge and headed back…

The sun setting over Cayo Espanto – still the very top of my bucket list destination.

Sunset over Cayo Espanto Belize

Such a fun trip to SUCH A STUNNING SIDE OF AMBERGRIS CAYE.  It would be great with kids…or for partying.  Super easy to get in and out of the boat.

For all pricing information and tour details, please check their website – it’s so refreshing to see prices on-line!

And then watch the video.  This is what TOTALLY got me.   It’s my friend Jeanna.  Her friends are SO crazy young and photogenic…I had to share hers rather than mine.

You must know me well enough by now to know that I really dislike being in pictures.

Enjoy!  And to share and save for later, PIN it.

Explore the West side of Ambergris Caye on your own private tour - to see the sandbars and the private beaches of Belize.

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