Sunday Snapshots at Ak’Bol Eco-Resort and Las Terrazas Resort, North Ambergris Caye

Last night, the wind shifted and the wind started howling from the north.  The last “cold front” of the year?  Perhaps.  The groundhog this morning predicted an early spring.

(Though CNN’s Groundhog Day headline is:  “Groundhog predicts early spring. Don’t get too excited, he’s usually wrong“)

Personally, I’d love forever-winter in Belize.  The temperature right now – mid-to-high 70s with a strong breeze – feels like perfection.  WAY better than 37 degrees F and drizzly in Punxsutawny Pennslyvania)

I’m in denial about the WARMER weather of August…September.  High 80s, low 90s with some SERIOUS humidity.

And everything was looking SO sparkly and pretty this morning.  So I decided to take the new camera for a test run.  (I’ve watched about 75 minutes of set-up videos and still have barely a clue.)  Set to automatic, we headed down to Ak’Bol Resort.

Here are my photos from Groundhog Day on Ambergris Caye.  Enjoy your Sunday – someone please IM me when the half time show is on…and it’s safe to turn on the TV.

As I headed home I decided to stop in at Las Terrazas Resort…






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