This & That: Errands and Construction on my Way To San Pedro Town

Yesterday I masked up, hopped in the golf cart, and headed to town to run most of our weekly errands.  (I really am starting to think I look my best in a mask.)

Mask Selfie

Despite the Atlantic swirling with Tropical storms and depressions (it looks like TS Sally is going to form very soon), it is HOT and still on Ambergris Caye.

Where the road kinks at about 6 miles north.

Lagoon view just south of there…

I got to the Secret Beach junction –  the turn off to head to the Secret Beach area.  There some new construction in the area.

There’s a house going up on the large filled area that has long been rumored to be a new spot for a gas station.

All the dirt/sand you see is fill – this used to be mangroves and water.

Belize Electricity was there running power lines to this house.

I often get asked why people build their homes up on poles both here on the cayes and on the mainland (many many miles from any potential rising water.)    Answers?  To stay away from bugs and critters…for security reasons…and for water and flooding.

Just south of here on the beach side is a HUGE cleared area – a huge property where a new development is getting ready to continue their work.  Azure Belize.  Wow.

See if you can spot the strange pterodactyl flying over the beach in their website’s top picture.

To town!  I passed construction workers heading home for lunch.

Then over the bridge…

First stop…custom masks.  I’ve had these two old JCrew shirts since I moved to Belize.  I wore the flower one ONCE – to San Pedro court.  When I managed a bar in town AGES ago.  It was a Labor Dispute and I need to wear long pants.  (It was the last time that I wore long pants in Belize.)

Also, I won.

Let’s just say…I won’t need these shirts going forward but they WILL make great cotton masks.

I also had Jeff’s grey shirt…it need mending.  I dropped it all off at this used clothing store where I also bought a few masks a few weeks ago.

Monday I’ll have 6 custom masks and one mended shirt.

A picture of the lagoon from Back a Back Street.

I dropped off our trash, went to the gas station, the supermarket, the veggie store, to Tropic Air to pick up a package…

And drove up Front Street.  Things are especially quiet there.  Most of the businesses are tourist-driven – gift shops and real estate – and are closed now.  Until things pick up again…some permanently.

It was nice to see a few September celebration decorations.  Independence Day for Belize is September 21st.




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