Dogs Make Everything Better: Some of My Favorite Belize Dogs

2020 has given me (and the entire world) A LOT of lemons.  And, so far, I’ve been unable to make lemonade.   Finding the positives in this whole Pandemic/Economic collapse isn’t the easiest thing to do…a great book?  Preparing a delicious meal or a successful new recipe?  Things that slow down your mind a bit…get it off the uncertainty/anxiety hamster wheel.

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I’ve read that people are turning to simpler time-consuming slow-hobbies…ones like quilting or needlepoint or woodworking.  I get it.  I’ve been reading like mad…working with my sourdough starter Beverly – tip:  she makes EVERYTHING taste better…and…SPENDING TIME WITH  MY DOGS!

Discussing Netflix shows with my dogs, discussing politics with my dogs (they are really the only ones who don’t become irrational 😉 ), napping with my dogs, mooning over my dogs.  I’m really not sure how I would be quite this sane without them.

Got me thinking last night about all the great dogs I’ve met in Belize.  Almost all of them scrappy, smart, polite, eager to please Belizean potlickers.  And a few of Belize’s most popular breeds BY FAR.  The pitbull (who, when treated even just a tiny bit nicely, is the smooshiest, cutest, sweetest breed I know) and the chihuahua.

I love when you catch a dog just out swimming by himself.  Just cooling off.

I’ll even leave my dogs until the end – since I bore you with their stunning beauty almost weekly on social media and this blog.

Alice, the pug/pitbull (?) potlicker (PPP) who ended up finding with a Canadian couple on vacation in 2015.

Cutie Furman who accidentally killed his crab playmate on Tobacco Caye (back in 2013).

A cutie imploring me for just a bit of ham from my delicious breakfast sandwich on Caye Caulker.

This dog on what use to be Sanctuary Caye.  Sand?  What sand.

There was the potlicker puppy Boo – who I found homeless…and then found him a home on the mainland with a bit of marketing

There’s my favorite fruit stand dog.  I call him “Eye Brow dog” and I JUST found out his real name a few days ago…it’s Ojito.  O-hee-to.  Little eye.

Potlicker sleeping on the job at Sandbar.

I have so many more photos…and I’ll add more during the day as I locate them.

So I’ll get to pictures of my dogs.  I promise…just one of each.

New mom Mocha (read about her dozen puppies living in our house here) – resting after she was fixed.

(We are just getting to the point that we can remember the puppies fondly – remembering their cuteness rather than the 430am wakeups to clean up epic amounts of watery poop)


Elsie, adopted almost 6 years ago!  After Jeff and I had been dating for only a month or two.  She was found in Dangriga and recovered at the Hopkins Humane Society, had her bad leg removed in San Pedro and is…the best dog I will ever know.

Frannie…who we just celebrated 2 years with.  She used to hustle the streets of San Pedro.

The dogs of Belize are the absolute best.  It’s no wonder that so many people end up bring one home from vacation.

And for lots more on Ambergris Caye – well…there’s always my book.

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