Photos from this Week Around San Pedro Belize

Yesterday I got I went a bit “off-schedule”.  The Government of Belize announced additional measures to combat the rising COVID #s that are now a worldwide phenomena.   You can refer to yesterday’s blog for the details.  

The additional measures go into effect on Sept 20 – for 2 weeks.  The GOB is trying to walk the impossible line between restrictive measures and the delicate tourist economy.  San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Placencia, and Hopkins are exempt from some of the restrictions.   Are the measures perfect?  Definitely not.  Do they need to be respected?  They are the law.

But, as I say here, again and again, I am SO glad I’m not in charge.

So…let me get back to my “regularly scheduled program” and pictures I took over these last few days around San Pedro.

OH…one more thing:  September 21st is Independence Day.  In a normal year, I would sleep in, drink as much water as my body could hold, and head into town in the early afternoon for my favorite event of the year – the Independence Jump Up Parade.  It is always SOOOO hot but SO MUCH FUN.  Every single year I almost faint from the heat AND my heart almost bursts from town and country pride.  A double medical whammy.  (Check out the 2019 parade)

Sadly this year, no parade to celebrate the bi 4-0..  We all know why.  And I am headed to THE GORGEOUS CHAA CREEK RESORT to celebrate Belize in a more low-key and much more luxurious manner.  I. Can’t. Wait. And I’ll most CERTAINLY be reporting back.  Often.

Now to my pictures…here you go.  Snapshots will running errands…

Stopping by our golf cart repair shop – so many rental carts are resting now in the slow season.

These beautiful signs!  Check out my visit to Calvin’s Iguana Sanctuary in this August 2021 post.  Spoiler:  it’s fantastic.

A quick peek inside the French Bakery…

Heading south of town to see the decorations for the Alaia Resort.

My visit there during the opening month – May 2021.

I’m still thinking about that hamberguesa.

Picking up some lunch at Briana’s Deli – my favorite rice and beans in town.

And the cilantro rice is JUST AS TASTY.  Fried chicken ALWAYS comes with ketchup here.  Always.  And Belizean lunch always has onion sauce – onion, vinegar or lime, and habanero on the side.

It was such a sparkly day that we drove down this easement on our way home.  At about 6.5 miles north – just north of Costa Blu Resort.

Jeff looking for bonefish…

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe 🙂

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