Gorgeous October Weather on Ambergris Caye

October, so far, is bringing gorgeous weather to Ambergris Caye.  The kind where even the most jaded resident stops short to look at the glowing sea and the brightest blue skies.

Or so I like to imagine.  Because that’s what I was doing yesterday.

I managed to get myself to 10am yoga at Ak’Bol Eco-Resort and Yoga Retreat.  (It’s usually on Sunday mornings but we are on our second “lock-down Sunday” to try to help mitigate COVID here in Belize)

Yin yoga which is a mixture of stretching and meditation and just breathing…somehow leaves me feeling so great when I leave.  With a spring in my step I headed to town to run a few errands.

Here are my pics!


I love the jungle feel of the path to the resort…

And then an opening and THE BEACH.

Yoga mat views. I excel at the Dead Man’s pose (laying splat on your back)

Okay…to town.  I am a big fan of the Quality Poultry Store in Boca Del Rio for the wide array of chicken, the low prices, the SUPER FRIENDLY helpful staff and the great lagoon view.

Plus, their motto is the best.

This IS the chicken for us!

And the view from their dock.

The view when I drove over the bridge.  The dark cloud was passing by…just a light sprinkle.

And then I stopped at The Farmhouse Fruit and Veggie stand…and more.

Read here:  New Favorite Business: Farmhouse Fresh Market & Cafe Belize and That SANDWICH!

For the Spinach-Ginger-Orange-Lime juice that I love.  And that I feel negates all the rice and beans and fried chicken that I ate later for lunch.

You might spy some cookie samples behind the juice.  Farmhouse is carrying some AMAZING HUGE cookies – the chocolate peanut butter sample I tried was RIDICULOUS.

And, if you like US Girl Scout cookies, take a look at THIS.

I mean…STOP IT!

In neighboring news…

I’m thinking and praying for the residents of beautiful Guanaja this morning.  It’s an island I visited in 2012 – one of the three bay islands of Honduras.  And it has SOOO much in common with Belize.

Almost all of the island’s residents live on a densely populated tiny cay next to the huge gorgeous and mainly empty large cay…

And that tiny cay burned yesterday – a huge fire.

It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

Guanaja, Part One and Guanaja, Part Two.

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