Together Weather Blows into Belize: Our First “Cold Front” of the Season

September and October – aside from a few days of rain here and there – were primarily HOT on Ambergris Caye, humid, and mostly sunny.  The types of days that I imagine siestas were invented for – your big lunch of stew chicken, rice and beans followed by a cool shower and then relaxing/passing out in front of a fan or under a humming air-conditioner.

But just a few days ago…as the calendar flipped from October to November…our very first “cold front” blew in.  Northerly winds…generally part of a larger system that sweeps down from the US and Canada…

The humidity drops – frizzy haired people rejoice – as does the temperature.  Instead of waking up to 85 and humid, we wake up to 77…78 and a chill in the air.

(For those scoffing, PLEASE remember that it is all relative!)

What to Pack When Traveling to Belize in the Rainy Season

Here in Belize, it’s often called Together Weather “Togeta Weata” or even Baby-Making Weather.

And it looks like it’s sticking around for maybe a week or so.  SUN and cooler breezes = heaven.

But yesterday as I was heading into town in the late morning, there were dark clouds up ahead…so I took a bunch of photos.  Here we go.

It rained for about 20 mins in town but not at all – not one drop – at our house 7.5 miles north.

I headed into town when the rain stopped – decorations have gone up for the next holiday in Belize.  November 19th’s Garifuna Settlement Day.   Celebrated throughout the country – but the big events take place in Dangriga (see my visit here) and Punta Gorda (here) – a beautiful holiday.

The Garifuna flag and the Garifuna colors are black, yellow and white.

It was Tuesday…and Estel’s Dine by the Sea is closed on Tuesdays…but I took a few pictures of the beloved breakfast and lunch spot.

Brunch Is For Jerks? Pffft. Sunday Morning At Estel’s Dine By The Sea

And then on my drive north…at about 3 miles North Ambergris Caye…I stopped to chat with Glen and admire his gift shop.  He’s got great wood carvings and some beautiful original paintings…at really reasonable prices…

I REALLY like two of the paintings…this means trouble for me driving back and forth past this everyday.  I have a tendency to get obsessed!

Stop by and take a look.

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