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A Guide to Packing for Belize in the Rainy Season

The thunder is rumbling this morning and I’ve received quite a few questions over the last week about The Rainy Season.  So here is some information…

It has many names – the low season, the off season, hurricane season but around here on Ambergris Caye, it’s generally called the rainy season.  August, September, October, often into November, like in much of the Caribbean, the weather and the sea are warmer, the air more humid and there is often a chance of rain.

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It’s the tropics…even the most gorgeous sunny morning can lead to dark storm clouds rolling by at mid-day, heavy rain that blows sideways for 20 mins and then back to bright sun.

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You definitely have the chance for rain at night…or a shower or two during the day…or possibly a run of a couple rainy days but by no means does the “rainy season” mean that your whole vacation is a rain-out.  The weather is…spontaneous.   So being prepared will ensure that your trip is much more comfortable.

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Keep in mind that there are GREAT reasons to visit Belize during this time

  • Airline & hotel prices are discounted
  • Holidays like Independence Day (Sept 21st) and Halloween are HUGE super fun celebrations
  • Your trips will be smaller groups and there will be no fight for that beach lounger in your favorite spot
  • Hang out with the locals, the people that live here
  • Odds are the weather will be good…if not great

So let’s get packing.

For someone who likes to pack the morning of a trip (even if I am leaving at 6am), this is quite a feat for me.  A packing list.  Let’s give it a go.

A light rain jacket and a small umbrella

Since “the weather” can come and go quickly, it’s always nice to have a light jacket with a hood with you as well as an umbrella.  Waterproof and breathable…water-resistant doesn’t do much.

Can you buy it in Belize?  Good ones?  No.  Plastic disposable ponchos?  If you are in San Pedro or San Igancio, yes.  At the local gift shops.

A few Ziplock bags

No matter when you are traveling (or where), these are always a good idea.  Great to take on a snorkeling trip for your camera or, just in case…when it starts to rain, zip up your phone and your wallet.

Can you buy it in Belize?  Sure.  Probably about 2-3x the price compared to your home store.

Water Proof Non-Slip Sandals

I wear flip flops every single day…and usually ones that cost about $2.50 or $3.  I load up on them when I am in the states.  But when it rains?  These things are pretty useless when walking much less running for shelter.  And on wet tiles?  Oy.

If you are planning on doing any mainland activities, like visiting the Maya sites, zip-lining or cave tubing, you are going to want a shoe with a…bit more structure than my mostly faithful Old Navys.

Crocs – I can’t believe I just typed that – have seriously expanded from just the hideous platypi-foot orange clogs and NOW make some much cuter shoes.  Teva, the go-to sport sandal company, does as well.  There are lots of semi-cute looking sandals that will be perfect for the trip.

Can you buy it in Belize?  In San Pedro or Belize City – probably a pair of fake Crocs…but don’t expect a wide selection.

Mosquito Repellent and Your Favorite Anti-Itch Cream

I’m not here to sell anything but my favorite?  Cutter.  Smells nice-ish and it works.  (Here’s my complete guide to bugs that bite in Belize.)

Can you buy it in Belize?  Yes.  In San Pedro, expect to pay 2-4x what you pay at home.


For body and lips.

Everyone has heard it…you can get a sunburn on cloudy days but down here, it is 100% absolutely positively true.  I can attest.  Just two days ago I headed out to the new floating Kitesurfing Shop, PassionKite.

PK1 (8)It was cloudy, it later poured rain, my lips got scorched.  Still smarting today.

And I totally get that you want a tan.  I love to have some color too.  But 30+ SPF for face and lips when getting sun, diving, snorkeling is a must.

Can you buy it in Belize?  Yes.  Expect to pay 3-4x what you pay at home.

What you don’t need to bring…

Your Hair Dryer.  Even if you don’t get one drop of rain on your trip, you will be in and out of the water.  And with the humidity in the air at 85% humidity or higher, styling your hair, curly or straight, is pretty much useless.

Make sure to bring extra hair bands.

That’s it from me…were you expecting me to help you fold your undies?  These are the essentials for your trip to Belize in the rainy season.  Add in a few pairs of shorts, some tanks and t-shirts, your toiletries and bathing suit or two, and you are ready.

Belize is as casual as it gets…I can’t think of a spot that would reject you for being barefoot.  Pack your medication, your contact lenses and solution and I’ll see you at the Independence parade.

Bring your red white and blue!

Hopefully we will both be mosquito bite free.

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A guide to packing for the rainy season in Belize.

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10 thoughts on “A Guide to Packing for Belize in the Rainy Season

  1. SPmQQse

    wow….26+ years…and I’ve never used a sunblock product in belize.
    lower latitude are not as damaging as the higher ones.
    but then … maybe i don’t have sensitive skin.
    oh-my….she types ”crocs”….hahahahaa….. [i understand]
    for bug bites….AFTER IT BITES….rub on a little …”prep-H” …it’ll cut down on the ”itch” time.

    1. Belize Blog

      I love a good Benadryl gel or stick…the dabbing is very comforting and I love the local hemp oil. It really works. NO SUNBLOCK? I tan pretty easily but a full day on a boat? I would be hospitalized for a skin graft with no SPF. That’s crazy talk Moose…even for you.

      1. SPmQQse

        hahahah–skin-graft…yu’r funny…..!
        well … you did remind me of my squeeze bottle of hemp oil… i only use it on my nose.. but travel with it for years.
        [anything hemp is ok with me]
        seriously..never used sunblock.. since a child.. ..
        coppertone… the one with the doggy and the kid’s butt…i hated having my mother spread that goop on me…
        heck– i only get a slight burn…once inna while….no-biggy.

          1. SPmQQse

            please….peter….try to refrain from thinking about my ”hole”…or about anything near my ”hole”.

  2. Danielle

    Thanks for posting this! I’m coming to Belize for the first time the last week of November…can’t wait!

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