Best Treat For Myself: A Spa Afternoon at the Beautiful Sol Spa

This season – the holidays, the shopping, the planning, the parties, the peace, love, and giving – is my favorite time of the year but it also can be a bit…well…taxing.   Even on Ambergris Caye, Belize!  At 81 degrees and sunny.

The tree going up in downtown San Pedro just late last week (the lighting was last night)…

So…weather aside…you can only imagine how excited I was to get an invitation to spend the afternoon at the beautiful Sol Spa at the Phoenix Resort in downtown San Pedro.

But let me back up a bit…in case you are not familiar with Sol Spa.

If it is your first time on the island and you are out and about on Ambergris Caye – zipping about on your golf cart – you might not notice the Phoenix Resort at first glance.   The front entrance is on the main road on the very edge of town – just across the street from the police station.  The drive-in entrance is at the very north end of Front Stree (just beyond Polo’s Golf Carts and Gift Shop).

But if you are walking on the beach, the Phoenix is impossible to miss.

Modern, seemingly huge condos with huge wrap-around balconies and porches…isn’t it beautiful?

Located in the heart of things but then…tucked away.  An easy walk just outside the gate to town and the beach bars…here’s the view as I stepped through the entrance on the beach…

But then very private when you are on the property.  Just about the perfect combination…

i snapped a few pics and I headed up to the main building – with the front desk and with the beautiful restaurant Red Ginger – which now hosts Lavish Habit coffee in the restaurant.  (If you don’t know Lavish Habit’s main shop, you should get to know them.  Best coffee.  And one of the cutest hang-out spots in town)

A perfect fit for Red Ginger.  Inside…  (take a look at these photos!)

But I am not here to talk about the resort or the beautiful restaurant or the Pumpkin Spice Lattes…I’m here to talk SPA DAY.

In the large space above Red Ginger is an outside bar and lounge area and the beautiful Sol Spa. 

There is a full-sized gym and then the entrance to Sol Spa.

The message at the front desk was speaking to ME.

I was scheduled for a massage and a facial.  Take a look at their spa menu…it’s really just dreamy.  (Love the description for the Lime Margarita Glo)

Dim lighting and candles, soft music, tea and iced cucumber water…

4 or 5 treatments rooms fanning off from the main sitting and relaxing area.

Any thoughts of work…and being hunched over my computer…just drifted away.

I had a long hard but not-too-hard massage (they have lots of different types and Carrie the owner and my therapist, made sure it was just right) followed by a facial that left my skin feeling and looking so good.  I was actually kinda shocked when I got outside and did the close examination in my golf cart rearview mirror.

It inspired me to take better care of my skin – and re-engage with trying to wear daily sunblock.  (Something I’ve been fighting for years)

It all just felt sooo good.  I bumped home on the golf cart in a bit of a daze…

Plotting how and when I would return – what a luxurious way to spend the afternoon.  Next time maybe add lunch and/or lattes at Red Ginger followed by a massage and then perhaps some cocktails (take a look at the list…even Prosecco by the glass!)

The perfect Christmas gift for a loved one or better yet – for yourself.  I mean…you could hint heavily to your significant other that a spa day is exactly what you want for Christmas but some things are best NOT left to chance.


Additional notes:

It’s not just me, data PROVES that the holidays are stressful.  See article:  Jingle Bell Crock: 88% Of Americans Feel The Holiday Season Is Most Stressful Time Of Year.  What a great title for the article but it does beg the question…what other time of year could people cite as most stressful?  Summer solstice?  Valentines Day?  What a silly question.

If you are a weather nerd or just like live cams on your favorite island – check out the Phoenix’s weather station link here.  Wow.  Love the stats and the “records” and it’s a great way for me to keep an eye peeled for “good hair days”.  If the humidity dips below 80% (and that is rare around here – a winter treat!), it’s time to dust off my blow dryer.

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