Boosted in Belize: This Girl is On Pfizer!

Sorry for the pun.  There is a very blurry line between awful and funny when it comes to puns.   I generally have a very strong even visceral anti-pun stance but for some reason…I enjoy this one.  It feels right!

Maybe because I am so pleased to be boosted. (Lessen the chance of getting a bad case of an illness that has hit friends of mine hard and even killed people in my community?  Yes PLEASE!)

And I’m even more pleased (and proud) to be boosted in my home of Belize alongside many “first world” countries.  My friend who is a teacher in NJ got a Pfizer boost a few weeks ago, my cousin, who is a nurse in Georgia got one yesterday.  And here I am in Belize, getting boosted for COVID on the same schedule.  It feels really good.

Here’s how Jeff got his first shot at the end of March, 2021

Let me tell you how you can get your vaccination or booster in San Pedro.  To protect yourself from the harshest effects of COVID-19…and to help our island with a service economy and our country learn to live with it going forward (hopefully, without exhausting our less-than-perfect medical system and morgues).  The vaccines, including #3, were something that I did mostly for myself, for my peace of mind…but do it for your family and your community.   It’s what citizens do.

Ok…enough of that…before I start quoting JFK… And you most certainly don’t need to listen to me – ask your nurse or doctor.

Here’s how I got my booster on Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Citizens and residents are eligible for a booster shot 5 months after their second vaccination.

The San Pedro Town Council is posting when and where vaccine shots are being given.  This is last week’s post on their Facebook page.


I called that morning to see if I needed an appointment – I did not.  The nurse confirmed that I had waited 5 months since my last vaccine so I was good to go.

Jeff and I arrived at the Lions’ Den on Front Street, San Pedro at about 1pm.   There was one other person waiting…

A team of healthcare workers swept in at about 120pm – with coolers and boxes – they set up tables and chairs…a clinic in just 10 mins.

By the time the first shot was given…there were almost 40 people seated waiting…distanced and masked.

I sat with one of the coordinators…answered some basic questions – was I feeling ok today?  My age and address…and picked my vaccine.

There are FOUR to choose from….and if you don’t know which you want, you can consult with the nurse there.  The nurse told me that with my first two Astra-Zeneca jabs, they recommended that the booster, the third shot be Pfizer.

My choices were:  Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson, and Sinopharm.

I walked over to the nurse – who gave me the vacccine.  I didn’t feel it at all…a good one.

And was sent to the next station.  Where I was given a small packet with 6-400mg Ibuprofen (recommended to take every 8 hours) and some information – and asked to wait there for 10-15 minutes.  To make sure everything was okay.

And…BONUS!  A raffle.  I LOVE raffles.  The GOB is doing a weekly raffle for all vaccine receivers.

Fingers crossed!

15 minutes later, we headed home.  I felt elated – I am most certainly suffering from COVID-fatigue (no more Greek letters…please!).  And this 3rd shot…just knowing I have it…makes me feel better.

After effects:  For my first two vaccines (both Astra Zeneca), I had experienced a few side effects after the shots.  I’d been tired, slightly feverish, and had headaches – starting the night of the shots and it waned the next day.  Ibuprofen helped quite a bit.

With this one, #3, I felt better.  Tired the next day…a sore arm…but overall pretty good.  A fine price to pay for protection from the worst of COVID.

Jeff felt fine after the first two vaccines – and this one gave him a sore arm.

Everyone is different!  But if you can, I’d suggest scheduling your vaccine before you have a day off.  If you can.

These are MY experiences only.  Everyone can be different.  Talk to your doctor or a health care professional if you have any questions at all.



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