$9 Burger to Celebrate Ms Elvi’s 90th Birthday and A Visit From Kate and William

Yesterday, we woke up to grey skies – rare in Belize in January/February – the weekend cold front was moving out and making way for a month of sun and easterly breeze.  A grey Monday morning…perfect for my planned day of work work and all work.  Writing and billing and working on my monthly newsletter – all the stuff I put off and put off and then put off again.

But then…I saw it on Twitter.  Kate and William – yes, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – are coming to the Caribbean for a tour for the Queen’s Platnum Jubilee.  70 years in “office”.   To embark on, as the Daily Mail puts it, “a charm offensive.”

They need to turn on the charm.  There have been a slew of movies and series that depict that monarchy in a…tough light.  And the bullpen is getting a bit light these days…Harry quit and Prince Andrew has been stripped of titles and is now facing legal action in the US on Jeffrey Epstein-related charges.  And Barbados recently left the Commonwealth in an effort to shake off colonial ties.  The Royal family is in need of a PR boost.  And the Caribbean in Spring?  What better time to do it!

The Daily Mail article ALSO calls out Ambergris Caye for her CHISME.  Allegedly there was a scouting party here in the last few weeks!  Take a look:

“A source on the island said: ‘Their people were very secretive and kept saying this had to be kept very quiet, but on a small island like Ambergris Caye it’s impossible to keep anything quiet for very long.

They were talking about a four-day visit to Belize in March as part of a longer trip to this part of the world. They said William and Kate might visit the Caye and also go to mainland Belize. It’s all anyone here is talking about. We are so excited.’

FOUR DAYS!  So crazy exciting.  I still remember as if it was yesterday…Harry’s visit to Belmopan in 2012.  When I basically met him.  Well…I stood very close to him…here’s my visit with Harry.

And then I stayed in the very same suite as he did at Chaa Creek.  It was 9 years later but so what?  SAME SUITE!

There is a photo, hanging in Elvi’s Kitchen Restaurant today, of that very visit – Elvi’s was introducing San Pedro cuisine to the young (and very sweaty) Prince.

And you can see me and my 2012 camera right there…

(And yes…I’ll be sharing this picture until the end of time)

So clearly…with this sort of excitement brewing…I was going to get nothing done.  And then…to tie it all together, I saw that it was Mrs. Elvi’s 90th birthday!  And Elvi’s Kitchen was doing $9bzd burgers and fries to celebrate.

Why a burger you ask?  Because Mrs. Elvia Staines opened Elvi’s Burger Isle – one of the first restaurants in town- as just a take-out window in 1974.  Just a small takeaway spot under a flamboyant tree on Middle Street.

Now – after much expansion – it is one of the most popular restaurants in town.

Here are some pictures.  And some of my prior posts at Elvi’s Kitchen…it really is a great family-owned and -run spot that makes some delicious food.

Elvi’s Kitchen’s 40th Birthday Party and Some of the Best Food I’ve Ever Eaten

Taking a Cooking Lesson with Miss Jennie at Elvi’s Kitchen

I parked on Back Street – in the town parking lot – right next to this funny dog.

Who did not enjoy me taking his photo.

And walked over to Elvi’s…

Which is just across from these dogs up on the 2nd story watching the carts go by…

Into Elvi’s…

Where 46 years later, they are still making one tasty burger.  Exactly what I wanted…not too much bun, just the right amount of meat, melty American cheese…really delicious.

I’d been planning to have a slice of pie – both their coconut pie and frozen key lime pie are two of my favorite desserts in the whole country – but I didn’t have room.

Best Desserts in Belize (I need to update this post!)

I’ll be back. And…Happy Birthday Ms Elvi!

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