Valentine’s Day Ideas on Ambergris Caye, Belize: K.I.S.S.

I love Valentine’s Day.  It’s sweet and simple and celebrates something that’s not that difficult to give.  There aren’t 1000 things going on…no need to erect a faux graveyard on your front lawn or prepare a 20lb turkey with 32 elaborate side dishes for 32 annoying relatives.  Do something that makes the people you love feel special.  It doesn’t need to be big or grand…

I’m not sure why most guys stomp and sneer at the thought of Valentine’s Day.  Bah…it’s a Hallmark holiday.  I guess masculinity requires you to act as though you don’t enjoy love or your family?  Here’s what I think about that:  lame.  (Jeff…you are reading this, right? 😉 )

Concentrate on the simple part!  Even just making a bit of effort and focusing on something your significant other would really love (more than delicious dessert she loved at that restaurant less week and less satin teddy bears) will make your amore very very happy.

Here are some gift ideas I’ve been thinking about over the last few days.  They are simple…stuff you can share…not boy or girl specific.  I think it’s easiest to stick to the very apt acronym on this one. K.I.S.S.  Keep it it simple, stupid.

Odd Origin of K.I.S.S.

I mean…unless you’ve purchased a gorgeous ring or lavish vacation package to Paris…if that is the case, do NOT let me hold you back.

Here are my ideas…and some pictures of yesterday’s spectacular weather.  For inspiration.

Delicious Things at Wine De Vine

Wine De Vine is a beautiful wine and cheese and yummy things shop just south of town.  You can go with the classic Champagne or even Prosecco.  Or a cheese plate with other delicious things.  Or just take her out on Valentine’s Day for a glass of wine and a bit of cheese to enjoy on one of the comfy – oh so comfy – couches and chairs at the shop.

This as a valentine’s dinner?  YES!  Or head in and buy some of your favorites yourself and make the plate at home.

If you’ve never been in…head there immediately.  It’s such a great place to just relax for an hour or two on your way home from town with a nice glass of wine.  Here are some pictures I took yesterday.

Yesterday in Central Park…

Everything at Belize Chocolate Company

You say cliche, I say CLASSIC – especially when it is sooo good.  As a kid, each year my grandmother would send us each a Brach’s chocolate sampler in a heart shape box for the holiday.  Some delicous nuts and caramel, some gross raspberry jellies. It was THE BEST.  I’d have to hide it from my brothers – who were known to eat the bottom off each of the bon-bons when/if they found my box.

Now imagine a beautiful box filled with actual GREAT artisan chocolate.  I stopped into Belize Chocolate company yesterday and…wow.  There are no rubbery raspberry jellys to be found.  Only amazing delicious, each one better than the last gems.

This beautiful tasting box…

Soooo….beautiful.  I had to sample a few and…good lord.  This coffee ganache…heaven.

Wayo’s Bar…

Flowers You Can Keep

This tiny shop on the southern end of Back Street in San Pedro town is my favorite for buying plants (she has a bunch more in the back – ask for them!) and for buying sweet local treats – like Cuto Brut, the delicious boiled sugar and coconut patty.  Yum…

I stopped in yesterday and she got a big shipment of beautiful plants for the holiday.  Take a look and get there fast!  The extra fun part is that you can plant them after they wither as house plants.  We are in the tropics!  Orchids love it here.

I especially love the carnations.  (I’m going back for one today)

And hibiscus in some very pretty colors.


Other Ideas:  Pastries, Art, Brunch…You Know What to Do!

You definitely know what to do…you know what your husband/wife/girlfriend/mom/favorite pet loves.   But some other ideas…

Pastries at the French Bakery…the new owners have a big selection of cakes and pastries and macarons and eclairs…

The French are known for romance…just think of Pepe Le Pew.

Art – try Belizean Arts in Fido’s or Belizean Melody’s on Front Street or the new spot on Middle Street called Meliza’s Art and Soul.  “I saw this and I thought of you” might be the most romantic phrase in the world.

And…I’ll wrap this up.  But Valetine’s Day proper is a Monday but why not do a Sunday brunch?  Perhaps a special one with some fresh fruit Mimosas?

Red Ginger at the Phoenix is your spot – they have a mimosa bar so you can assemble your own.  May I suggest their Eggs Benedict?  It’s amazing.

Or take her to the beach or to that spot you guys love or…

I’m going to leave it there because…you know what to do.  Don’t be afraid of Valentine’s Day and Keep is simple, Valentine.

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