What’s Happening: Sundays on Ambergris Caye

What’s Happening on Sundays in San Pedro:  1st of a 7 part, days-of-the-week series

Sunday is the day many people have off from work – and can hang out with their friends and their families.

Schools, banks, and government offices are definitely closed, many smaller, family restaurants chose Sunday as their day off but Ambergris Caye is a town driven by tourism.

We are the tourist hub for the country. And those who work in the industry: the tour guides, hotel staff, restaurant, taxi drivers and bar staff, work when there are customers.  Which means Christmas Day or Easter and often Sundays.  Weekends – Saturdays and Sundays – can all be working days…especially during the busiest time of the year (end of December to April/May).

Saturday and Sunday are always the busiest days for arrivals and departures to/from the island.

Some people go to church in the morning.  Belize is a predominantly Christian country and Sunday is a traditional day of rest.

If you are looking to drive around town without the traffic, Sunday is your day.  It’s BY FAR the most quiet day.

You WILL find most grocery stores and shops open.  Some smaller specialty shops open until noon.  And quite a few restaurants open.

So what else is happening on Sunday on Ambergris Caye?


If you see a bunch of people waiting in a line in front of a Chinese-owned store or fast food place on Sunday mornings, it’s Boledo – the Belizean lottery.

Pick a 2-digit number – you might hear someone standing in line with you say that they dreamt their number the night before.  (That seems to be a common thing amongst my friends though I find it…strange.  I have never dreamt in numbers.)  The line gets bigger as 10am approaches and then 10am SHARP…. the Boledo numbers are picked and announced on the radio.   There are other lotteries in Belize but this one is the most popular.  Boledo.  It’s a Sunday thing.

This photo is from a 2011 blog post when I bought my first and only ticket.  But you get the picture.


Weekends and Sunday, in particular, are days for BBQ.  You’ll see grills being fired up early around town…generally offering chicken and maybe sausage and ribs.  And side of rice and beans OR flour tortilla and stewed beans.  Cole slaw and potato salad.

We always stop by Tino’s BBQ on the weekend – just north of town in front of Caye Mart.  Tino on Saturdays, his mom and brother on Sundays.  (Pro tip:  Get rice and beans AND two flour tortillas for an extra $1bzd)

Tino BBQ

Taking Your Golf Cart (or Renting One) And Going For a Drive

A Sunday drive with friends and family – perhaps up north – to do a bit of fishing – or way down south.  This island is changing and growing so quickly there is always something new to see.  It’s something to do, together, on a Sunday.  Enjoy the weather.  The most popular destination is…

Love this photo taken by the folks at Moon Bar

Head Out To Secret Beach or the West Side by Golf Cart or Boat

Secret Beach is a busy spot – and it the busiest on Sundays.  It’s family time.  And the shallow clear sandy bottom makes it perfect for kids and adults.

You’ll see people along the beach in Boca Del Rio, just north of town, in Central Park, at “the Cut” or “the river”.  Out and about enjoying the weather. 

Yoga at Ak’Bol

One of my favorite things to do is the 10am Yin yoga class at Ak’Bol Resort about 1.5 miles north of town.  They do classes almost every day of the week – all at 9am.  But on Sundays, it’s YIN yoga.  Slow and meditative on the most beautiful dock over the water.  Less sweating and more a deep sigh…

And returning home for…

Sunday Dinna

Of all days of the week, the one when family is most likely to gather for dinner together is Sunday.  Often, it’s the classic stewed chicken with rice and beans with potato salad.  One of the world’s most delicious meals in my opinion.

There you have it – Sundays on the island are about family and just…taking it easy.

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