We’re Back From Merida!

In the last few hours, I crossed the border from Chetumal Mexico to Corozal, Belize, jumped on a 15-minute flight back to San Pedro and golf carted back north.  Home.  I’m very happy to be back in Belize!

I say “We” above because not only am I home but my website is back online.  3 days of server errors and CPU warnings and…emailing back and forth with my tech help.  Thank GOODNESS for them.  SanPedroScoop.com is back.  For some reason, the post that I wrote on Monday  (about Labour Day, about wine class at Red Ginger, about giving away some Belikin merchandise) – just before I left to head up to Merida – is missing.  Perhaps collateral damage?  I’m trying to retrieve it now.

Just about a week ago, I was so tired of feeling tired and lethargic and just…bleh.  I decided to go see a specialist for my thyroid in Merida Mexico.  And a few days later, I left.

The trip was, not surprisingly, a bit harried.  4 days, 2 planes, 13 hours on buses, taxis, many, many Ubers in Merida (they are a DREAM!) – 2 trips to the medical center, 2 meetings with my endocrinologist, an ultrasound of my thyroid, a slew of blood tests.  Diagnosis:  My thyroid looks mostly dead (mostly blackish matter, a few smatterings of live tissue) but he (it’s definitely a “he”) is producing the right hormones.  Towards the low side but still producing.  The doctor expects that to slow and then stop in the next year or so.

Only Tropic Air is flying from San Pedro to Corozal and back right now

Flying over Corozal this afternoon

So we looked at other things that could be causing my symptoms – so I can feel less “ugh…do I need to get out of bed today?” and more…energetic.  We are going to try some things.

My other diagnosis?  Merida is lovely and historically fascinating.  There is SOO much to see and SOOO much to eat.  But it is also RED HOT this time of year.  I’m not sure I’ve ever felt this hot (you can see from this chart that May is actually the hottest time of the year there) – I shall never take our sea breeze for granted again.  (I bet I’m complaining about the heat here in Belize in a few days…or less)

I exacerbated it by doing a bit of sightseeing in the late afternoon – my doctor’s appointments were in the morning.  It was no surprise to realize at 3 pm, as the thermometer hit 100 degrees, that I was one of a handful of people on the streets.

Note:  Having the internet on your phone (I bought a SIM card when entering the country – a VERY good idea that I will tell you more about) and having access to Uber/Google Maps is a god-send

Siesta is not about being a slacker…not at all.  It’s to prevent heatstroke!   Everyone is up and about in the morning and the evening.  I can most certainly see why.

The heat is also exacerbated by mask laws in Merida – everyone, and I mean everyone, is required to wear a mask inside and out.

I am, in the end, very glad I went.  I now have a doctor who is a specialist in just the thyroid gland on my WhatsApp…and a 2-month game plan.  I can message him when I need him – and we can do a tele-consult as necessary.

Stay tuned.  I want to share my 36 hours in Merida – so little time but I still found some AMAZING restaurants.  And even my last 12 hours in Chetumal, Mexico.  Our city just across Belize’s northern border.

I enjoyed a quick visit to the Museo De La Cultura this morning – it was small, nowhere near the size of the ones I visited in Cancun (Who Said Cancun Ain’t Got No Culture) or Merida (the Anthropology Museum is a wow) – but very informative.

I also want to share a blog about crossing the border from Belize to Mexico and back.  How I did it, exit fees, documents, etc.

I’ll be back at it…thanks for hanging in there and for all the emails.  Gracias 🙂

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