My Move To Belize

How to Be A Good Expat

How to Be a Good Expat

How to Be A Good Expat in Belize or…Anywhere Relocating to a new country can be exciting and…terrifying.  Paperwork, packing, pet transfer, saying good-bye to friends and family…there is so much to focus on during the process, and even more when you arrive in your new country.  For the first few months and even theKeep reading »

How To Find a Job in Belize

I TOTALLY understand.  Totally.  You visit Belize – the cayes or the mainland – and you love it.  Your first thought…I’d like to come back.  A few days later, after having some drinks with a few Americans or Canadians or Brits living here full-time, you think…I would love to do that.  Everyone speaks English…it’s beautiful andKeep reading »

Ashley’s Cost of Living in Belize City, Belize

I met Ashley last summer in San Pedro.   Last year, she got a job with a Not-For-Profit Organization operating just outside of Belize City and was planning her move there.   She’s now settled in the city and she was GENEROUS enough to read my Cost of Living yesterday for San Pedro and send me her own.Keep reading »

My Cost of Living in San Pedro, Belize

Moving to another country is a big deal.  No matter how you look at it.  And estimating how much day to day life is really going to cost is tough. When I started blogging a few years ago (September 2011), I wrote a post called How Much Does it Really Cost to Live in Belize.Keep reading »