Spanish Lookout, Cayo, Belize: Mennonites and Well…Just Odd…

There are many places that surprise me in Belize.  I mean constantly.  Belize City is so much more beautiful than you expected.  Cayo, only a few hours away, is bursting with all sorts of crazy wild life.  I won’t get too corny…

But Spanish Lookout is the town that, in my three visits, is just plain nutty.  It is one of the largest Mennonite communities in Belize.  And I’m always expecting horse and buggies…simple things for simple folks and instead?  To me, it looks like the most modern place in Belize.

Between San Ignacio and Belmopan, there is a turn…


(According to the friend that I was travelling with…20 years ago, the Institute for the Deaf used to be the home for wayward boys…a sort of juvenile facility. I can only imagine the stories.)



Huge gorgeous old trees…pretty farmland…bulls looking like they want to gauge my eyes out…


We followed the sign…


And found the ferry…out of commission…closed for repair.

IMG_1154-2I passed lots of farmland…tiny houses built by the British to house the Belizean agricultural workers…a camp that that was used by the US military…this is interesting stuff…

Back to the Western Highway.  And the HUGE turnoff for Spanish Lookout.  The best road in Belize LITERALLY……and then this.


German first and then English?  Interesting….

And then I see it…Texas Tea…NOW I think I understand…


Until tomorrow…


  • Looking forward to the next report! I remember taking photos of the oil rigs when they first started pumping and being hassled by armed security guards. Hopefully it is more relaxed there now.

  • sanpedroscoop

    SUPER weird place..I took some pictures of the people there and got hassled…

  • mysteryboy


  • rivergeezer

    Thanks for the report. Looks like the “Brethren” are more modern than I expected.

  • Mike

    uhhh…is this blog still active?

    • Belize Blog

      It is now!