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Update on The Split and Lazy Lizard Bar on Caye Caulker: All Is Not Perfect in Paradise

About a month ago I wrote about the closing of the landmark Lazy Lizard Bar on Caye Caulker – the busiest and most famous bar & restaurant on the island.   “The Split at Caye Caulker:  Closed as of November 1st.  What’s Going On“.


Allegedly, the owner of the land has a new partner who wants to upgrade and take over management.  He gave the current leasee, Immer, a few months and a date to leave.  November 1st.  But Immer was only 3 years in to a 5 year lease.  And expected compensation for giving up this PRIME location early.

go slow

No compensation seemed to be coming.

So the doors were locked as of November 1st, the liquor license (in the name of the land owner) was revoked and the Lazy Lizard was closed.

The matter would go to court.

Here is the Split in the caye…

splitand the new decking that Immer and his crew, as leasees, built over the last few years.


The current leasees resolved to fight.  And they re-opened the spot – they do hold the lease! – but without a liquor license.  Crazy to see a sign like this at THE LAZY LIZARD.  Home of the super strong famed Green Lizard Juice.

the split

But apparently, the land owners are also willing to fight.  Here is what I hear:  today the owners had the electrical lines and meter removed from the Lazy Lizard.

meter meter2

And allegedly, the Caye Caulker Village Council has denied a new liquor license without a written letter from the land owner.

party on

But isn’t that what the original five year lease was about?

The saga continues!

Let’s HOPE this is resolved amicably (is that even possible now?) by Christmas and New Years!  So that our beloved Lazy Lizard can re-open serving Belikins…just like it should be.

BUT UNTIL THEN, the Lizard and the Split are open for business.  Food and non-alcoholic drinks are available for purchase…and there are more than a few places to buy some cold beers in the area.


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17 thoughts on “Update on The Split and Lazy Lizard Bar on Caye Caulker: All Is Not Perfect in Paradise

  1. Terry Beck

    Something appears not right with the Split Fiasco… One of my favorite spots in Belize. Hope they get it open with a liquor license soon… and I can have a Cold Belikin there…. T

  2. Jennifer Crego

    So disheartening to see a small business owner being pushed out like this! It’s disappointing for the island, for sure, but it has to be close to financial devastation for Immer. I don’t know him but I wish him the best! I don’t understand how a 5 year lease can just be evoked. I’ll be waiting to hear what the outcome is. Thanks for keeping me informed, even in Washington state! 🙂

  3. Erik Terdal

    I’d like to think the village council would mediate so that this can be resolved before high season.

    1. Belize Blog

      I will think that with you. Positive vibes! But if it truly is a court issue – and christmas is almost here (and the govt seems to shut down for at least 3 weeks) – we’d better get moving!

  4. lifeagain

    Is not the five year lease agreement in effect a note from the landlord/owner of the property enough for the council to CONTINUE with the liqueur license?

    The five year agreement was binding between both parties so enforcement should be settled quickly so that harm is not beyond devastating to the Immer.

      1. mysteryboy

        the license is issued to the owner, not the lessee so council can do nada regarding that except to amend the town regulations.. sad state of affairs.

  5. Squier

    I fear the improvements the new owner might have in mind for
    one of my favorite Belize institutions. Perhaps
    a McDonalds or a Kentucky Fried Chicken will replace the Lazy Lizard (spread the
    rumor)! The new owners have displayed
    very distasteful tactics, POWER TO THE LEASER!

    1. Belize Blog

      Oh good lord…McDonald’s! That’s not going to happen…but I don’t even want some super sleek new…ANYTHING. I love the Split how it is…

      1. Belize Blog

        It’s…odd for sure. Leaser should be “one who leases”…in my mind. I had to double check my blog for that twice.

  6. Caulker Resident

    It would be interesting to know what the complete story is from both sides. I suppose only the Courts will ever really know the accurate details of the leases etc
    . The rest of us will have to suffice with rumors. But it would be nice to have the split back up and running by whomever has the right to do so.

  7. Jimmy J.

    What would be great is if some powerful attorney who has had a great time there stepped in to fight for the Lazy Lizard….I love the place!! That is the best place on the island!! To make it a modern upscale place would be taking away from the great rustic character and charm the Lazy Lizard has provided. Keep San Pedro out of Caye Caulker….
    Jimmy J.

  8. John

    Hi folks… This story makes my heart hurt. What an incredible shame to let something so special like The Lazy Lizard get caught up in a mess like this. My family and I are traveling to Caulker in days and we were looking forward to spending some time on The Split. Can anyone offer an update? Is the bar still operating with no power and no license?

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