Sunday Morning Shopping, Yard Chickens And the Lottery

I decided to do some Sunday morning shopping for three reasons:  my refrigerator right now contains mayo,  spices and hot sauce,  it may be my last day with a golf cart and I wanted to test out my $100-150bzd estimate that I gave as a preliminary food budget in San Pedro in  I’ve been asked lots of questions about it.

First I stopped at Marina’s Store, more of a “local store”.  They cater to more Belizean tastes and therefore, have a smaller selection. But they are always crowded and have incredibly high food turnover (including fruits and veg).  Marina’s also has some of the lowest prices.  Good to go early or you have a hoard of rude kids and adults cutting in front of you to buy single cigarettes, drinks or rolling papers. 

The family lives right next store and has a bit of a zoo going on.  Birds in big cages that cat call you as you walk by, lots of dogs and these strange “yard chickens” which just wander the local area and are very savvy about staying out of the road.  All the local dogs know to stay away.  The male (I assume, picture #2) is actually quite a good looking bird.

I then went over to Superbuy South (the more “American style” supermarket), picked up a few items and enjoyed the blasting A/C.  Altogether, I spent just over $100bzd.  Hmmmm…I think I am way off on that estimate.  I would die of boredom if I had to eat this food all week.  I mean how many days in a row can I eat catfood?

Here is what I got…2 gallons of water, 2 lbs rice, small container of Parmesan cheese, 1lb fresh cilantro, 4 cans cat food, 3 cans cheap tuna, a pre-made johnny cake with beans and cheese for breakfast, coconut milk, curry powder and 2 packs of chicken legs (delightful when baked.)

6 eggs, 1/2 a cabbage, a local pumpkin, 2 onions, 1 potato, a diet Sunkist, a box of cereal (always pick the ones with Spanish writing on when it come to anything…it is always SO MUCH CHEAPER.  All you need to know with cereal:  Miel is honey, pasas are raisins….actually screw that.  The picture says it all), a box of soy milk (again with the Spanish writing), bleach, paper towels and local laundry detergent.

Yeah so that’s it for my $100bzd.  You’d better double my estimate.

And then since I am now unemployed, I bought a lottery ticket.  Isn’t that we do?  $10bzd on number 38 on Boledo at the local Chinese (or Chiney as they as called in kriol…sorry guys).  It’s only the second one of my life.   The salesman seemed surprised that I was only betting with $10bzd.  Jeez…how much do people usually spend on this scheme? 

Anyway…wish me luck.

Who ever thought I’d be “that guy” posting my every move on the internet? 

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