Hurricane Rina Finally Moves Out: Thursday 6.45am

Looks like she is weakening as well.  Good news for everyone.  And thankfully my last post on Rina (or so I hope…)

We really have our first winds from the storm (only about 15-20mph) and it’s a grey, humid morning.  The water definitely rose up higher last night, there was even more beach decay over night.  I could hear the waves in the middle of the night from my bedroom – I haven’t heard that often.

Here are some pictures outside at Royal Palms.  I didn’t wander far…there is so much seaweed, so many exposed rocks, so much super soft sand and so much missing beach, that it is too much of a hike for 6am!

See what I mean by a hike?  This was all covered with sand.

Mata Rocks has some serious beach raking ahead!  

The water pulled lots of sand from behind Banana Beaches’ (pretty high) sea wall.

Time to put the boards back in the docks.

Thanks for reading during the hurricane scare!  Back to our regular programming later today.  -SPS

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