Wow San Pedro, You Look Gorgeous

Yesterday was just gorgeous in San Pedro, Belize.  The sun was bright, the sky was just a little bit bluer and yellow-green butterflies are flitting by – north to south – as the Cloudless Sulphurs pass through Belize on their mysterious migration.

Check out this short video of the migration on our island.

For the life of me, I can’t even take a picture of one butterfly.  I’ll keep trying…

Jeff and I were in town – running our errands – and I was yelling STOP THE CART to take photos.  Dozens of them.  Thankfully, 7 years in, he still thinks it’s fun to be a “blogging assistant”.

Here are some of my pics.

Stop Sign

PULL OVER!  I know that the dock at Ramon’s Village is particularly photogenic on a pretty day.

Dock at Ramon's Village

Dock and Boat at Ramon's Village

Beginner scuba divers practicing off the end of the dock.

Into town and one of my favorite trees – a gorgeous old yellow flamboyant tree that gets hacked and trimmed but always shines this time of year.

Yellow Flamboyant

And then down to the Phoenix Resort and the Palapa Bar – again…very photogenic.

My stay:  An Incredible Oasis in San Pedro, Belize:  The Phoenix Resort

Seawall by Phoenix Resort

Phoenix Resort Belize

The tide/the water is incredibly low – and driftwood and sea grass that haven’t seen the light of day in a while were peaking out.

Low tide in San Pedro

Walk by the Phoenix Resort

Gate at the Phoenix Resort

View Palapa Bar from Phoenix

And then a quick walk over to the Palapa Bar.

Tubes at Palapa Bar

Tubes and Dock at Palapa Bar

And at Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop – the tide is so low that a boy was walking his dog on the sea bed.  Just over to the right in the photo…

What a gem of a day.  And Lobsterfest is starting in a few days!

Sigh…I love this town.


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