Moving To Belize

15 Things No One Told You About Living in Belize

In the blogging world, it’s all about lists these days – and I guess, when they have a bit of substance, there is nothing wrong with that.  They are orderly, informational and easy to read. So, here’s my list – of things that I learned in my last 11 years living in Belize.  Many…like the signsKeep reading »

How To Follow Belize On-Line

It happens with surprising frequency.  You are on your first trip to Belize.  Perhaps you are staying in San Ignacio and strolling Burns Avenue or you are chatting with some new friends at the Sports Bar in Caye Caulker and you think… I could TOTALLY live here. There is something about Belize that seems soKeep reading »

Things I Never Knew I Needed: My Life In San Pedro, Belize

My shopping lists have changed COMPLETELY since I moved to Belize. Things that I never knew I needed and now I wonder…I live without this stuff? The answer is simple – and don’t judge me too harshly for this – I didn’t really cook (or clean for that matter) in my prior life.   IKeep reading »

My Cost of Living on Ambergris Caye, Belize

How much does it REALLY cost to live in Belize? A friend of mine just forwarded me an article:  8 Countries Where $200K Will Last 30 Years of Retirement.  The list includes all the budget retiree hot spots:  Panama, Ecuador, Thailand but then also includes Belize. Nerd that I am, I plugged that amount intoKeep reading »

How Much Does It REALLY Cost To Live In Belize?

This is the #1 question that I get asked.  And I can’t give you the exact figure that will work for you, but I can tell you how much it costs me to live on Ambergris Caye.  Keep in mind:  Ambergris Caye is probably the most expensive part of Belize. And also remember $1USD = $2Keep reading »

Packing for Your Move To Belize

When moving to a new country (particularly the tropics), you have some tough decisions.  I came to Belize two times in my first few months…both times with two large over- packed suitcases…both suitcases dangerously teetering on the 50lbs limit.  Everything else was sold at a garage sale. But now that I look back, there are things thatKeep reading »

How I Got My Residency – An Expat’s Move, The End (For Now)

So…I had my work permit, was managing a popular bar/restaurant in town.  Time to become permanent.  $2000bzd a year for a work permit is a big expense and getting permanent resident is a life-long work permit, a one time expense.  But applying for permanent residency in Belize is more of a waiting game than anything else.  There areKeep reading »

How I Came To Belize – An Expat’s Move, Part One

I’ve actually been getting a bunch of emails from all over the world asking me a few questions:  How did I pick Belize?  How easy was it to get a job?  Why have I stayed?  What do I love and what would I change?   Well, as you can imagine, this is a long and tediousKeep reading »