June Views and Festivals around San Pedro

Yesterday I took an hour to just wander around town and take some pictures.  We have a slew of festivals coming up…

Dia De San Pedro:  June 24th and June 25th

Celebrating our town and a tribute to St Peter.  This year, it has become more of a concert/late night party.  But the Miss San Pedro competition remains a favorite.  (You can read a bit about the history of San Pedro – and the Dia de San Pedro festival here – my meeting with Mito Paz)

The big stage is going up in the old football field.

June 26th:  Conch season closes.  Re-opening October 1st

Here’s a pic of some pretty conch shells I took yesterday by the San Pedro Artisans Market.

Get your last conch pizza at the Truck Stop or your last conch fritters at El Fogon or maybe some fresh fresh ceviche…mmmmm conch.  Here’s more details on my favorite ways to eat this delicious snail  I mean seafood.

and then Lobster Festival starts July 1st and ends with the block party on July 9th

Best way to get all the updates and information is the Facebook page.

And then the International Food and Music Festival at the end of July.  I

This coincides with a big deep-sea fishing tournament at Grand Caribe Resort with a very big purse!

It’s a busy summer here in San Pedro.

But let me get to my photos…

I just noticed this very purple boat docked on Back a Back Street.  It seems a bit old…and I don’t know any other of its kind around here but I do love the color.

I just love this pre-school fencing.

Love these old billboards that linger here on this side street.  Blue Water Grill’s logo (upside down) has got to be 10…12 years old?  And Belize Legacy was renamed Xtan Ha Resort about a decade ago also.

I walk past this building 5-6x a week and go to this pharmacy monthly and I’ve never noticed how the whole building is pastel colors.

Look up Rebecca, look up.

And the sign went up at this beautiful new space right next to Caye Supplies on Back Street San Pedro.  Maxie’s.  I think this restaurant used to be located in Belize City?  I’m not sure…

Look like it might open soon…

And then I HAD to take pictures of these pineapples…they are just perfection. And the mangos are amazing too…

Ripe Pineapples Fruit Stand Pineapple Types

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