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It’s Nice to Be Missed: San Pedro, Belize & Hurricane Rita

It’s 3.30pm and I just awoke from one of those naps that has you feeling like a zombie…a beach coma…and it’s pretty sunny and it hasn’t rained since this morning.

Currently, our news source, Reef Radio is getting in contact with NEMO (the emergency service) and the mayor to find out 1. when the boats should return (they are thinking tomorrow) and 2. if liquor sales can start back up!  (Fifteen minutes – probably more like 45 – and we will get some answers they say.  Until then we watch scary radar pictures of the hurricane with love songs or Mexican ranchero music playing in the background on Channel 20…bizarrely San Pedro)

Here are a few pictures.  The water is still much higher (and looks like light chocolate milk) than usual but kids are out playing on the beach, visitors are sunning by the pools and some locals are in the water boogie boarding.

There is some beach erosion…worse in some areas.

And a ton of grass and junk on the beach. It’ll be quite a clean up tomorrow.   For some reason, there are 30-40 empty 80s roll-on bottles in one little area.  Hmmm…maybe I can think of a good craft project.  Or Halloween costume…some sort of antiperspirant super hero?

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3 thoughts on “It’s Nice to Be Missed: San Pedro, Belize & Hurricane Rita

  1. Emily

    Ah, water like chocolate milk! I like that description. This is how the ocean looks along much of the east coast and why I never knew that beautiful turquoise water existed until we went on our first trip to the Caribbean!

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