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What’s New in Town on a Drizzly Day (Other than the Clock Tower)?

The clock tower/Jumbo-tron to advertise Ramon’s Village and to let us know the time and temperature  seems to be all systems go.  

Why, oh why, do we need to know the time or the temperature in this town?

But let’s back up.  I walked into town in the first misty and then full-blown rain.  My $7 umbrella from Chedraui in Chetumal, Mexico is sure coming in handy this season.  It’s one of those huge ones like Mary Poppins might carry.


BC’s is now doing BBQs on Wednesday.  Mmmmmm…polish sausages sound delicious.  If I hadn’t just started my personal training/clean living program this yesterday, I’d be back for this.

And to the center of town where Ye Olde Clock Tower is being constructed.  Sensibly and modestly modelled as a combination of Times Square and the great clocks of Europe.

It seems like the effort to halt it has petered out.  The mayor said there was nothing that could be done.  She only has a few more months in office and she doesn’t seem to care that many think she has personally benefited from this project .  So…the cement is about to be poured.  I still think a full boycott of Ramon’s Village is in order.   At least that’s the way I’m rolling.

The cement is mixing.  Very depressing.  What could cheer me up?

A new Fido’s Boutique?  It’s right next door to the bar and I didn’t stop in…but it doesn’t look like Fido’s t-shirts and shot glasses…more dresses and jewelry.  I’ll have to pop in next time.

Top Notch where the Sueno Del Mar sales offices used to be…but that was probably about a year ago.  Based on what I see in the window, there are lots of people in town who dress up WAY more than I do…not hard to believe.

Lola’s Pub has a new sign and I believe just reopened after a month or two of vacation.

Still not cheered up…but wait!  It’s full blown Christmas in Belize Bank!  All that’s missing in this “living room for sale” is a fire place.

They are using some extra space and not so extra space to tempt you to get a loan to buy these items.  I didn’t look into it but interest rates seem really high.  Who cares!  It’s Christmas!

Feel free to express your gratitude for all my hard blogging work with the golf cart above…though pumpkin orange is not quite my color.

C’s Phones on Middle Street has been turned into a produce store – “The Secret’s Produce”.  How many of these can this town take?

This is the spot for all of your beauty products and so much more.  It has a bit of everything from baby clothes to furniture to shampoo.  Don’t be fooled by the name Warpaint Beauty Supply.

One of the better clothing stores, Island Vibes, has turned into ANOTHER Public’s Grocery.  It is right across the street from Elvi’s Kitchen.

Across the street from Lino’s Meats, a pretty shady bar has closed down and turned into a cell phone store.  Good-bye Marino’s Bar, Hello Cellular World.
And as I caught a taxi home, it started turning into a beautiful day.  Here’s a picture around 5pm.

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