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The Cute, The Quirky and the Ugly: The Signs of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker

I am a giant GIANT fan of hand-painted, colorful signs for businesses, private houses…for just about anything.  Neon?  Flashing lights?  Gaudy pre-printed signs?  Not a fan.

So as I look through thousands and thousands of my pictures from the past few years, I thought I’d post just a handful.  I’ll let you categorize them as cute or bizarre.  Who I am to pass judgement?  Here are my faves…let me know if I missed any of yours.

And just to be clear what type of sign I DON’T like…here is an example.


Let’s start in Caye Caulker, an island which just oozes cuteness.


Drinking is fun.  Simple, appeals to all ages and straight to the point.  Though take my word for it, drinking green stripe is NOT fun.

IMG_4982-2Also straight to the point.


Let’s move across the way a bit to San Pedro.  In the Tres Cocos area.


One of the cutest logos…


And certainly one of the most original for Belizean Melody’s Art Gallery.


Now the coolest bar stool around…


And perhaps the very best in town.



It also translates to the cutest t-shirt in town.  Saul, the owner of The Rum, Cigar & Coffee House assures me a new shipment will be in in 2 weeks.  THE best souvenir.

They’ve got cute signs all over the shop.


I love painting on the walls of bars and restaurants…like the Tackle Box at Tranquility Bay


or when you are eating at Ak’Bol Yoga Retreat.

Aug 25 012

And a few more…Nov 10 020

And from Estel’s by the Sea.  Very simple and cute.Nov 11 029

There are so many more!  I am going to have to do a Part Two next week.  But I think you can pick up what I am laying down.  Catch my drift.  I think you can dig it.

LIKE.  (Oh very very much I like.)

Old Linos Sign

Just not the same (the sign that replaced it)…




Just my opinion.

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6 thoughts on “The Cute, The Quirky and the Ugly: The Signs of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker

  1. lynn kier

    So many things? 2 garish signs? Relax her blogs are very positive and informative for tourists, take some midol. I always assumed the people who paid for the big neon signs purposely wanted them to be big obnoxious, can’t miss it, stick out like a sore thumb attraction. Mission accomplished. The point of the article is how cool the locally made hand painted signs are…in other words support your local artist!!

  2. Emily Smith

    Rebecca, don’t let the haters keep you from expressing your opinions! You have every right to them, and I am in complete accordance! There is absolutely nothing that says that only positive things can be posted about Belize, San Pedro, or whatever, though there is certainly subtle (and sometimes quite overt) pressure to do so.

  3. Rebecca Coutant

    Islanddude, I’ll gladly ready your blog? “Go back to where you came from” is kinda weak, don’t you think?

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