Bring out Your Inner Island Artist with Painting Classes by Melody

Or realize that you don’t really have one.  Either way, painting with talented Melody is very good times.

Love the beret!m


Friday night, I walked down the beach to Feliz Bar for a 6pm painting class.  Feliz Bar is located just about 1/2 a mile over the bridge (if headed north from San Pedro town) and they have a very cool upstairs space that is perfect for group events.

IMG_7369They have done this class before…quite a few times and featured pictures like this on the Feliz Facebook page.

1353246_617741811582424_617989245_oI’d also seen some of the final products in person at Melody’s shop like this gorgeous one that is now in my home.  How cute is this?  Could I possibly make one anything close to this good?

IMG_6215Probably not.  But it would sure be fun trying.

About ten budding artists arrived as I downed HOT fresh pretzels at the Feliz Bar.  YUM.   These are the best in town.  Heather, the owner with her husband Kevin, makes these herself and they are a perfect vessel to deliver one of my favorite foods to my mouth.  Yellow mustard.

All I have is this way too dark shot.

IMG_3064But trust me…they are good.

We went upstairs and Melody gave us instructions.  And THANK GOODNESS a stencil so we could trace the basic turtle outline.

IMG_7356 IMG_7358And from then on…for the next hour at least, I was all consumed by my turtle art.  All the brushes, the board, the paint…everything is provided.  You just bring the skills.  And to make something half decent, you don’t need many.


Here are all the final products.  This is fun!  And the basic instruction, the real supplies, the smell of paint and limited amount of wiggle room to REALLY mess up makes you feel like an artiste!

IMG_7371 IMG_7373 IMG_7368

Such a fun chilly Friday night activity.  And Melody now has a new manager in her shop Robes…  (You can see him above…just look for the ONLY male…) so she can spend more time doing classes like this.

So, clearly you are going to want to do this…but how?  Here’s the scoop.  Keep your eyes on Feliz Bar’s Facebook page for the monthly group painting class OR if you have a group…kids, adults, a bachelorette party or a rainy day…anyone, stop by Feliz Bar or Melody’s shop in town and organize!

She is glad to do it and keeps it simple and fun.  ALL INFORMATION is below in the links to their places.

Good luck and send me pictures of your work.  I love it!






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