Kelly McGuire’s Peeps Catamaran Over the Caye Caulker on a Beautiful Day

The plan was to meet the boat at Fido’s dock for an 11am departure.  Kelly McGuire (if you haven’t heard of him yet, well shame on you and then check my previous post!) is in town this week and next and it was his first boat trip.  One of his albums is called “Boat in Belize” after all…he can’t come to San Pedro and not get on one.

Catamaran can be a verb, right?

I went out to the dock and found a good sized Mexican military boat and NOT a catamaran.




I went over to the boat to take some pictures, maybe get on board but these teenaged soldiers were not having it.  DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?IMG_8320Luckily Kelly’s boat was very easy to spot on dock over at Amigo’s Del Mar dive shop.

IMG_8321We boarded, waited a few minute for Belikin beer delivery,  Did I mention it was a gorgeous day?  I think and hope not to jinx anything but the dry season is FINALLY upon us!

Oh…and apparently this gentleman does NOT enjoy our national drink.  He brought his own brew down from the states.


Good thing my friend Lisa knows the deal.   BELIKIN!


Pulling out from San Pedro.  Ahhhh…IMG_8328

Very happy passengers.  Many who had been at Kelly’s show Tuesday night AND Thursday night at Fido’s.


IMG_8353 IMG_8347



We stopped at Coral Gardens for a bit of snorkelling and lots of paddling about and just floating.  Smile Tull!

IMG_8340The water is perfect out there.

Here is Kelly emerging for his fresh water shower.  Ha.



Super fun times.

Wait a second!  HOLD THE PRESSES!  A person of color on the Kelly McGuire Boat in Belize?  Yes!  And a Belizean to boot.  With a signed hat!  Gotta love it.

IMG_8324We docked by the Rainbow Restaurant in Caye Caulker.

IMG_8382And I was getting off here…not taking the ride back to San Pedro.  Everyone went for lunch, a little time and the split and, of course, donuts.

Some pictures around Caye Caulker…

IMG_8358 IMG_8365 IMG_8381IMG_8401

I was staying the night.

Here is Kelly’s schedule.  May I STRONGLY suggest that you attend the SAGA Humane Society fundraiser.  SO fun and such a great cause.

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And follow Kelly on Facebook for even more updates.

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