Local Bar Owner Takes $1000 Prize at Lazy Croc’s “Deal With the Devil” Wing Competition

Last night was the much discussed event – Lazy Croc’s Deal With the Devil wing eating competition.   For those who haven’t been here, Lazy Croc’s BBQ is a much loved smoked meat & sides joint on Ambergris Caye.  They are located north of the bridge and on a small lagoon that just happens to be populated by some serious looking crocodiles.


All the rules are written up here but the long and short of it?  Wings that could “bring you to your knees” would be served to one waiver signing customer at a time.  The first competitor that could finish the wings in the six minutes (and HOLD THEM for the six minutes) would win $1000BZ.  ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.  I can’t think of a larger cash prize on this island in recent history.

The competition started at 6pm so I went to the water taxi dock in town to catch the 4:30pm boat. I always like to be early.  It’s my thing.



And I was the first stop…just about a 7 minute boat ride to Grand Caribe.  Lazy Croc’s is just north…


I followed the path to Lazy Crocs.


Over the bridge and past the lazy croc…


Okay…some quick pics around the place.  This whole area is now screened in and looking pretty darn good.

IMG_1141 IMG_1144 IMG_1145


And from the outside…



I took a seat with the ladies from the San Pedro Sun.  I didn’t know it but apparently I was being treated to a MASSIVE amount of food.  AND a ride on the new “Huckleberry Ferry”.  A raft that brings you and your picnic table out over the croc pond.  Pretty cool…

Our ferry captain…

IMG_1166And the food.  SO so good.  And so so plentiful.  The prices have gone up…Christiano is using baby back ribs but you cannot say he skimps on the portions.  I am still stuffed this morning…

Not knowing a smorgasbord was coming, I ordered the juicy shar shar sandwich with a side of jalapeno mac and cheese.  Two HUGE slabs of garlicky buttery soft bread.  Yum.



And then The Kings Platter arrived.  OH my.  Pulled pork, baby back ribs and smoked fried chicken.


I LOVE the sweet mustard sauce but there is a whole assortment from vinegary to sweet.

And then the sides.  I really liked the smoked baked potato.  Cool idea.



AND THEN the poutine.  A layer of pulled pork and then french fries with a bacon, jalapeno cheese sauce AND mozzarella cheese.  I might just go for this dish next time…really tasty.

IMG_1163Feeling happy but then again, slightly unwell, our ferry captain tugged us back to shore.  And the contestants for the Wings Of Fire were getting prepared.

Kevin #4 or 5 on the list was just a bit too smug.

IMG_1169Jerry had just won this tee shirt last week doing a wings competition in Turks & Caicos.  There are professionals here!

IMG_1160And Wade the Gringo, Tropic Air employee, owner of Roadkill Bar and first on the list, was doing shots of Marie Sharp’s HOT sauce to prep himself.  Just to warm himself up.

IMG_1171Christiano came out with the waivers.  It added good drama.  And it sounded like SERIOUS business.


Even your dependents and heirs cannot sue Lazy Crocs!IMG_0630Wade was up first.  I think I’ll stop talking….there was a presentation of the secret formula (which contains, from what I heard, a $95US vile of ghost chili extract) and then pictures are definitely enough…

IMG_1174 IMG_1178 IMG_1180 IMG_1182 IMG_1187 IMG_1190 IMG_1195IMG_1202

They were down quickly…like 40 seconds.  And then the hold for six LONG minutes.


And the sweat.  It was actually uncomfortable for all of us.  Wade.  Did.  Not.  Look.  Well.

IMG_1209And neither did Christiano, the owner.  Could it be this easy?  He tried to play it cool…



VICTORY!   Time was up.  Wade toasted the crowd with a yogurt drink.



And we went wild.  The crowd was most impressed.  By Wade’s ability to eat the wings AND the fact that he won $1000!  Perhaps Lazy Croc’s went too big on this first night of competition.  Next week, I’m guessing the prize is perhaps a small bar tab and a t-shirt.

Good times for me.  Perhaps not such great times for Wade and his wife.  But then $1000 always makes things better.  Congratulations!

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