Finn Kardashian Does Central America, Episode 3: Guatemala & El Salvador

Last we left our UNESCO heritage friend, Finn, in Lake Atilan – a gorgeous volcanic lake and also the deepest in Central America at over 3000 feet.  If you missed the first two episodes, check them out.  Episode One – Sailing Down the Coast of Belize and Two – Guatemala.

guat 17

Here’s my original description of Finn and I’m sticking with it:  My friend Findley Halliday aka. Finn aka. Finn Kardashian is a born and raised San Pedrano, a local celebrity and socialite (sometimes in his own mind), the bar manager at the beautiful and world-celebrated Rojo Beach Bar, North Ambergris Caye, a fantastic photographer and a creative, FUN, witty, worldly guy who is a blast to Crossfit  with.

He is now backpacking through Central America.

Oh here’s my rockstar traveler now.  Front backpack?  He is clearly embracing the lifestyle.


Finn – Forgot our passports at our first hostel so we had to go back for them! Thank God they are Belize passports no one wants them – Only Mr Penner. so we had to go back to Antigua before hitting El Salvador!
Friends! Yeah they are from England! So that makes them English! Drinking is fun + if there is Jäger it just gets better!
rock4 rock3
This church below is super awesome.  It was the only church that remained after the volcano popped open with water after weeks of rain.  The myth is  that when the emperor died in Mexico news came to his wife months after his death in and his wife demanded that everyone paint their house black.  On the ninth day of his death, the volcano popped. BTW the emperor died by a horse falling on him like LMFAO karma is a Bitch!
rock6 rock7 rock8Where are these rocks?
This is El Tunco, El Salvador – surf town with lots of blond long hair back packers!
Figured that maybe I would buy a bottle of Hydrogen peroxide and bleach my hair blond but didn’t want to look as if George Clooney and eminem had a baby – that would me, just saying!
rock11 rock12 Rock13
Land of pupusas!  Best Pupusa ever!  How would they F it up if they invented it!?
For only .50 American, how can u not just live on them forever! And they stuff them with everything except Botox!
These are my German friends and now my traveling brothers more of a 2014 modern European back packer.
They are not stinky! They even put wax in their hair! And wear cologne and twerk!
Rock17 Rock18 rock19
Well there you go.  Backpacking is fun…I guess.  Bye!
And back to me.  I am left with some many questions about this post but I leave it as presented to me.  It’s pure Finn.  Finn-tasticness.
Our backpacker is now in Panama – Boca del Toro to be exact.  And about to head to Panama City for some shopping.
I need to keep up!

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