Wine & Food Industry Event At Banyan Bay Misses a Serious Melon Opportunity

Yesterday evening, Madisco held a wine & food sampling event at Banyan Bay Resort in San Pedro.  Madisco is mainly a food & beverage distribution company for stores and restaurants and part of a much larger group – The Roe Group of Belize.  The group, I just discovered, owns a huge number of companies in Belize from insurance to hotels – take a look.

Madisco did an event in Placencia at Robert’s Grove a few weeks ago – and I (a little randomly) attended that one.  So when my friend Chef Sean (of the Sittee River Curve Bar & Restaurant) let me know they’d be in San Pedro last night?  I thought I’d attend again.

For more on Chef Sean – check out the posts below.


Sure technically this was an “industry event” – for actual customers of Madisco who received actual invitations – but…what the heck.  I’m the…media?

And I’m all about the carved watermelons.

Love the flowers but I think you might be missing the big opportunity that Halloween Eve presents.  For some real show stoppers…

Here’s one with the guacamole made from frozen avocado.  Surprisingly tasty.


The people from Karl H Menzies were there serving wine…


IMG_3718 IMG_3733



Sheets and towels (nice ones!), lots of food and…well…toilet paper dispensers.


Okay…let’s focus on more exciting things.  Pasta…and sushi!  Chef Sean Kuylen had some delicious tuna tartar…


and this chef made some gorgeous hand rolls to order.  Yum.IMG_3726Everyone had a good time.  Wade from Road Kill Bar won a gift certificate…baskets of Madisco products were also given out.


Here’s Sherlette from Rain Restaurant at Grand Caribe with Chef Sean.

sherletAnd with that…Happy Halloween.  Here is what my party watermelons would look like…


or this.  Yuck.


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