My Halloween Day in San Pedro, Belize – From Crossfit to Frozen Custard

Halloween 2014 felt a little…endless.  The big parties – the Holiday Hotel (check out Part One and Part Two) and the SAGA Humane Society Pet & Kids’ Party were last weekend.  October 25 and 26th.


There were a smattering of parties during the week…lots of decorations…school kids bazaars…people dressing for work…random people dressed as…ummmm…skeletons in the park.


And finally FINALLY yesterday was the day.  Halloween proper.  October 31st.  Let’s get this out of our systems people!

After my morning bloggin’, I started my day as I normally do – at Crossfit.  But this day was a costume workout.  Nothing says Halloween fun like doing push-ups and power thrusters in make-up, wigs, masks and polyester!


Though Tam in her penguin suit WAS good times.


Awwww…and Thing One and Thing Two.  Don’t let the tutus fool you – these ladies are in some kick-ass shape.




What am I?  A big pouty crossfit baby.  A part I play most days.



After a BRUTAL (and not fun) work-out, at least there was food!  I love protein balls that are disguised as coconut bon-bons.


Next year, I’m planning the WOD (Workout of the Day –  all the cool kids call it a WOD).  More  bobbing for apples, pumpkin tossing, zombie relay races…less burpees and squats.  So much more fun.

A look at the sea when I left Crossfit.


Later that evening, the AIDs Commission was having a fundraiser/party/haunted house at Wayo’s Bar.

And I stopped by briefly.  It had just POURED rain and drying out the haunted house would take a while…

It was right behind the relatively new AquaVista Suites.


The entrance…


Some people were gearing up in seriously scary looking outfits to go in…


You really needed to get low.


But my mind was on one Halloween treat in particular.  A mini hot fudge sundae at DandE’s Frozen Custard Shop.

Oreo cookie.  Perfect.

Thanks Eileen.

IMG_3777Hurray!  It’s finally over.  Hasta la vista Halloween…time for our next holiday…

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