Clear Skies, Laundry Day and A Walk Around San Pedro

5 days of rain in San Pedro, Belize is a lot…add in the fact that in many places just a few of those days dumped over a foot of rain and some of the localized flooding has become world-wide news.

old pic

But I am very pleased to announce that yesterday THERE WAS SUN!  And the weather predictions (again, I find Belize Hydromet the most helpful) show more to come…

So yesterday I took a walk in the Escalante neighborhood and a bit in the DFC area (both south of town) to find out that the sun was shining and it is LAUNDRY DAY!

The view from my condo communities front lawn as I left…



There are dryers available but they are expensive, and expensive electricity consuming…plus, sunshine is usually an abundant resource on the island.

I passed these guys…

IMG_6029 IMG_6034

Some apartment buildings were draped in clothing…

IMG_6035 IMG_6037

IMG_6054 IMG_6056

The water on the ground, along with the clean clothes, are drying in the sun…


I was surprised to find the construction for the New Football Field project fully underway…

I had to wade through a bit of water to get to it but the machinery and the men are at work on the stadium.


IMG_6045 IMG_6046

I kept walking…while shaking some muck off my flip flops (one that I had to fully extract from a muddy pit…)

Houses of all shapes, themes and sizes.

IMG_6049 IMG_6051 IMG_6052

We have a campground?


What’s Ely’s?


I was headed into town where the sky is blue and the November 4th Election banners are EVERYWHERE.  I mean…everywhere.

So in your face that I was almost forced to do something that I rarely do.  Take a selfie.  A social media campaign I would certainly start if I was a certain candidate.



Just a beautiful day.  #SelfiewithManuel



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