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What a Beautiful Start to December in Belize!

It’s almost impossible believe that it’s December – in Belize or anywhere else.  Honestly…it’s just ridiculous how quickly this year has gone.  And, though I bet 99% of you will scoff, winter weather is pushing into Belize – some proper signs of the cold fronts that are dipping low across the states.

The wind is from the north, it’s in the mid-80s during the day and high 70s at night…brrrr.  Here are some photos both mid-day…and as the sun was setting.

Happy December y’all.  The photos are from just north of town – the Boca Del Rio area.


My almost daily shot of Chuck & Robbie’s Dive Shop.  And YES, I was getting a sandwich from Two Tree…

two tree

To read more about them and the deliciousness, click here.


I don’t think it ever actually rained…just a beautiful sunny day with a black cloud passing to the south.  Perfect for diving…


In front of the beautiful Caye Casa.


And then around 4:45pm…up north…same storm clouds but no rain…


Gorgeous evening.


Happy December!  And I am still working on my full-out campaign to gain votes for a blogging trip to KERALA INDIA!   Can you imagine?  How amazing?  So I thought…that each day, I’d share on amazing fact about Kerala with you.

Since basically I am learning them too.  And ask you to vote for me.  Fair?

Kerala, India is a relatively small state in India (about twice the size of Belize) but with a population of over 33 million.


Kerala contributes 97% of India’s output of Black Pepper.  India is the third largest producer in the world.

Fresh pepper bush in Borneo,Malaysia.

Black pepper also happens to be one of my least favorite flavors in the world.  VOTE FOR ME!  Send me to Kerala for 2 weeks 🙂



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4 thoughts on “What a Beautiful Start to December in Belize!

  1. TarheelBornGal

    You will get no sympathy from me on your UPPER 70s…brrrrrr thing…haha! It was 68 here overnight recently. Now that’s chilly! I still managed to walk to yoga in a tank top, however. My toughness knows no bounds….. 🙂

  2. FJL

    Very nice… As I look forward to my 5th visit in early February, don’t want to jinx but the sargassum situation looks OK right now. Fingers crossed.

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