The Truck Stop’s Second Monthly Farmers Market Stops Traffic on Ambergris Caye

Yesterday was the second installation of the new monthly WILDLY successful Farmers Market on Ambergris Caye.  It definitely proves that people are looking for and DYING TO BUY fresh and different produce, meats, spices, jams and cheeses.

(Check my last blog – Shopping for Groceries in San Pedro – you can now add this to your options.)

I had a quick stop in town before the market opened at noon.  Driving south, the road was blocked.  Hmmm…about 10.45am and a large refrigerated trailer was blocking our way.  Clearly Ian Anderson and his Farm House Deli, after selling out within about an hour last month, had come prepared.  AND they had 16 or 17 pre-orders in tow…


Ha!  This is going to be quite the event.  I returned about an hour later and the place was already packed.  Golf carts lining the street…


The generator powered cooler trailer.


The management of the Truck Stop made some super smart changes…the tables were set up differently so customers could not be “attacking” from both side and TARPS.  Hurray!


This really is the only event in San Pedro that starts 30 minutes early.

Vendors on inside, customers on outside.  Pre-orders from the Farm House Deli ready and bagged.

Ricky’s Spice Shack was back as were many of the other “farmers”.


Farmer Markus of AmberGreens Aquaponics – I bought the last two bunches of swiss chard.


Farmer Sue of Home Baked Breads – her boules are so delicious.  This time I bought two.  Pumpernickle for some of the Farm House Deli’s pastrami I was expecting and Cranberry & Walnut for slathering with cream cheese and eating as often as possible.

She sold out of her 50 loaves in less than an hour and a half.


The Farm House Deli crew was working hard…the pickles and kraut station.


Delicious loaves and homemade soaps.


I picked up a parmesan cheese, smoked barracuda (which is so gorgeous on pumpernickel with cream cheese, OH MY), pastrami, this slice of heaven called porkchetta and…I think that’s it.

Note:  Do not leave breads on table where a dog can reach them.  Elsie, pictured yesterday pre-multi-grain binge…

elsie wonder dog

…grabbed MY LOAF OF BREAD FROM THE TABLE.  Took it into bed, unwrapped it neatly and…no mult-grain bread for me.  And a huge belly ache for Schmelsie.

Next time.

A new farmer selling fresh pastas including this luxurious offering.


I tasted a really good sample of a slider/burger from the Rasta food truck…


And I took off with my booty.  I couldn’t hold it all.



By the way, porkchetta is pork loin, wrapped with pork belly and raisins and nuts stuff in between.  It is then cured?  Whatever they do, it is DELICIOUS.

Ian Anderson is now about to open a Farm House Deli in San Ignacio, in addition to the expansion of the deli in Belompan that just opened about 6 months ago.   I think he knows where we need one next 😉

SO…farmers and shoppers alike, keep your eyes on the Truck Stop facebook page for the next June market – as well as information on Wednesday movie nights and Sunday Pig Roasts.  So far the market has been the third weekend of the month and in June, that will be Lobsterfest-time.

Fun and delicious.

Oh!  And if you haven’t seen this amazing video of the creation of the mural by Papo at the Truck Stop…you must watch.  SO good.


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