SAGA Brings a Team of Volunteer Vets to the Island: Let’s Get Our Pets Out There

Yesterday I followed a pick-up truck filled with dog and cat carriers and veterinarians into the DFC area just south of town.  A TEAM of volunteer experts are here to help the animals of Ambergris Caye – to provide much needed spay and neutering and more.

The team of vets and vet techs and some SERIOUS equipment are here and seeing dogs and cats –> Yesterday May 4th in the DFC area, Today, May 5th from 9am to 4pm in San Pedrito and May 11th and 12th in San Mateo.



Or call SAGA if you have ANY questions 226-3266.


But let me pause for a moment and just mention a FEW reasons why it’s a good idea to fix your pet – both your cats and your dogs, the females and especially the males.

  1.  Fixing your Dog Can Fix up San Pedro.  Keeping dogs and cats in happy homes, keeps them off the streets…and from pooping on the streets…and from perhaps biting anyone.   We have enough cute “street dogs” in San Pedro – fixing your animals (and find these strays homes) is the only way to keep the numbers in check.  If you are calling the Mayor’s office to complain about strays in your area and your male dog is not fixed, you may be CONTRIBUTING to the problem.
  2.  Dogs do not “lose their personality or strength” when neutered – in fact, they are more loyal, don’t go out wandering, and often better with family and children.  It does not affect the ability of your dog to guard your house.
  3. It lengthens the life of your dog or cat:  Neutering your male will prevent testicular cancer and TVT – a transmittable canine cancer/tumor that is GRUESOME.  Trust me.

Here is an article from the ASPCA with more reasons.

I was headed to help…in any way that I could…but I was also bringing my cat, Papusa.  During the night (the only time this scaredy cat likes to go out and lay in the bushes), he was in a tussle – and returned home limping and hissing.   OH JEEZ!  (You can check him out looking a bit cuter in my old post:  Cats Make the Single Gal Look Cool.)


He ended up being fine…some scratches.  Home with a shot of anti-inflammatory and some antibiotics and an order to rest.

Back to the clinic!

Dogs were coming in…many to be fixed…like these guys…


Some for skin issues or other small problems – that could grown into bigger ones if left untreated.


Some for multiple issues – like this one that could so easily be prevented.  PLEASE get your animals a proper collar!  Ropes and strings tighten QUICKLY on puppies…


Volunteers were there to provide love and support for the animals as they came out of anesthesia…


Or before they went under…


The team at work – doctors from Canada, Florida, Seattle…all donating their time.


The primary purpose of this clinic is to control the population.  We want an island of happy healthy dogs, not unwanted puppies and street dogs.

Gorgeous Max, a big gooey meatball of a pit bull, was there for an “eye lift”.  He is a young kid and has an issue called entropion” where the eye lids turn inward…so that his lashes are constantly scraping at his eyes.

It can be an issue for dogs with lots of skin and/or short noses can get the problem.

Here’s Max with his irritated eyes shut.

SAGA (2)


The vet did the MOST amazing job.  And as he was waking up, his big gorgeous gray eyes were looking all around and his tail was wagging.  He DEFINITELY needed some healing time – and some time in the cone of shame – but man, Max was ecstatic.

Lovely Dr. Sam English, the new FULL TIME vet at SAGA.  She was so great with Pupusa…I couldn’t be HAPPIER that we now have a full time vet at the clinic.


If you want to check out a bit of her experience so far, she is writing a blog for her friends and family…and for you.  Check it out.  Her last post about Beethoven, a mastiff mix, who got a whole facelift is an amazing success story.  GO BEETHOVEN!

This cutie pie next door was watching the proceedings through her window.

SAGA (1)

Bottom line:  SAGA rocks, these vets rock, the owners who brought their pets in rock and the businesses who contributed to make all of this happen ROCK.

All animals left with a heartworm and flea and tick medicines.  Here is all the information.  Now let’s take advantage of everyone’s generosity!  I did 🙂

get out there



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