Shopping for Your Home AND the Largest Retail Space in Belize

I spent my first 10 years on Ambergris Caye living in a rental unit – one that came fully furnished right down to the explosion of wicker, the dual tape stereo system, pot holders and a 12 set of those mini plastic handles for your corn-on-the-cob.  I’ve never actually HAD corn on the cob in Belize but that was neither here nor there.

There was really nothing to buy.  But just last year, I moved into the house my boyfriend built.  We bought some bigger items at a sale – a couch and chairs – and we had a few basic items made at the local wood shop.  Our house is pretty spartan – by design to some degree – but also because there isn’t a huge amount of shopping to be done in Belize.

As far as I knew there were no fancy furniture stores, no boutiques for knick-knacks and treasures, no William Sonoma, no Tar-zhay.  Not even a Walmart.

Groan if you will – but no matter how much you reject Feng Shui or Oprahisms, you spend LOTS of time at home.  And you should surround yourself with things that make you happy.  Or at the very least things that don’t give you an overwhelming sense of BLAH.

I’ve collected a few paintings and things over my years here in Belize – I bought a few things in Kerala, India last year and some more pretty things in Guatemala this year.

But in Belize, I’ve been less than inspired.  Granted, it is no rush.  We DO have a place to sit and a place to eat, a bed to sleep on (though MAN could I use a new mattress) and a few comfy pillows but I’d love to find some…extras.

So when I was invited to visit Mirab’s FURNITURE Store in Belize City – I was all in.  I’ve been to their home decor imporium by the water taxi/cruise ship port and I love it.  It’s the Target, Macy’s and HomeGoods of Belize.  (Here’s my last visit for Mothers’ Day)

But it was time to visit the furniture store AND get a sneak drive by peak at the NEWEST Mirab.  Located on the Northern Highway not far from the furniture store – the soon to be – MEGASTORE!

3 floors, 105,000 square feet, shopping, gathering spot, enveloped in white marble.  HOLY MOLY!

The homegoods & department store will be open in town until after Christmas while this HUGE space is finished.  That store will close when this one opens.

I’m excited for the grand opening!

But let me show you all of the pictures that I took around the furniture store.  I can’t afford everything that I like but it’s so nice to be around beautiful inspirational stuff.  I mean…I’m not one who would think of a gold chandelier but…it looks gorgeous.  Who knew?

 AND I can afford a small ceramic jewelry box and a new lamp…

And that makes me happy.

And maybe this cute throw pillow with a chihuahua on it.  Maybe?

Many of the sofas, chairs and ottomans available are from Ashley Furniture.  Mirab is the distributor in Belize and can order in a huge selection of colors and styles and fabrics.

You can look through a touch screen catalog at the available choices.  Arrival in 4-8 weeks.  And YOU don’t need to worry about duty, arrival at the port, the barge, shipping costs…

If you can’t afford a new living room set…some much more affordable items.  I love the orange!

And then upstairs.  Outside furniture – EVERYONE needs that – and beds.  And while I can’t exactly afford a new mattress right now…maybe this ottoman?  I kinda love it.

I love these scooped outside chairs.

Lots of resorts buy their decor from Mirab.

And what a revelation!  Simple lamps!  I thought they were not available in Belize!

In fact, I have my eye on these wire pendant lights…three in a row in the kitchen.

So whether you are furnishing a new house or you need to pick up a few finishing items.  Whether you are looking for ideas or just want a fun day out — the store is a short taxi ride away from the air strip or the water taxi terminal (why not add on lunch…maybe Lebanese?  Or Indian!)

Mirab’s is fantastic.

For tons of updates and specials, check their facebook page.  And definitely plan a trip to see the Christmas decorations this year.  It’s an awesome glittery Christmas explosion.

Mirab’s also does financing — but you can find out about all of that when you visit.

And I just snagged this from their facebook page…have a GREAT holiday.

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