The Truck Stop, Turkey Dinner Lunch and The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue HERE on Ambergris Caye

The town is back in FULL swing.  New businesses are opening, all those that closed for vacation or refurbishing are back open and Ambergris Caye seems like it is bustling.

But before I get to any of that there is some SERIOUS excitement in Belize.  THE SIX MODEL FINALISTS FOR THE 2018 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT ISSUE ARE HERE ON AMBERGRIS CAYE.   Meet them all here.

Here is a picture from the SI Swimsuit Instagram account of the photoshoot – GOING ON NOW – at Mahogany Bay Village.  Check out the account for some short videos too.

Olivia Jordan going to yoga this morning at Science and Soul Wellness at MBV.

Haley Kalil in her room – via her Instagram account.  (I didn’t take it 🙂 )

And Iyonna Fairbanks!  

Clearly my doings are DULL in comparison but I shall continue with my post.  Oh…and if you don’t know about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, I can only assume you have been living in a cave for the last 30 years.  Wikipedia will fill you in.

Kathy Ireland!  Elle McPherson!  Kate Upton!

Back to my life…

Golf carts of happy visitors are bouncing along the ROUGH road north – the weather is gorgeous.

I am headed to Cayo Frances Farm & Fly in a few minutes.  We have been closed for construction for the past month and guests come in this weekend.

Before I head across the lagoon, here are some pictures from the last few days…

A stop at Annie’s Pastries for johnny cakes and a few pictures.

Colorful buns – love the new fall colors.

And this flyer.  The best deal in San Pedro.  Seriously.  A HUGE plateful of great food – a taste of all things Thanksgiving for $15bzd.  (Here is what it looked like last year)

And then a quick stop at the Truck Stop.  They have made some fantastic changes over the summer and are more than ready for “THE SEASON”.

Here are some pictures and more will be revealed soon…

Why burn your mosquito coil on just one bottle?  (Mosquito coils are a big part of my life in Belize)

Strangely beautiful…

The new decking area – now ampitheater for movies over the lagoon.

The tree nook with golf cart tire chandelier.

And one of the coolest spots to watch the sun set.

Complete with No Swimming – Crocs sign…

And the ice cream selection.

I’m off to the camp.

For those on the island, keep your eyes PEELED for the SI ladies.  I know I will…

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