Secret Beach GROWS in Popularity – A Quick Look…

“Secret Beach” – the always popular golf-carting destination on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye – is seeing an even BIGGER surge in visitors.  Sargasso seaweed has moved onto our shores on the reef side (see my last post) and many people are looking for some beach…without it.

For the MOST UPDATED look at Secret Beach, check out my Complete Guide from 2019.

Let’s not dwell on the sargasso.

Yesterday I was stopped 3 times on my way to town – visitors asking directions/distance to Ambergris Caye’s worst kept secret.

About 4 miles north of town on mostly paved roads – and then 3 or 4 miles west on seriously BUMPY road and you are there.

I mean here.

I don’t go over often but my family + 5 were visiting from Rhode Island and the sandy gently sloping crystal clear waters are PERFECT for little kids.  I mean perfect.  My 4 year old nephew Willie was a big fan of going swimming by himself.

Here are some pictures of Secret Beach – so different in just 4 or 5 years.

There is now a road that runs parellel to the beach – behind the 3…4 beach bars.

The newest spot is M – by the owners of Kama Lounge.

They are dredging to expand the beach.

Just a quick peek…

And a public service announcement:  you DO need a valid license to drive a golf cart and you should have it on you at all time.

I’m sure this cart was not moving.

And another note.  While the roads up north and to Secret Beach are pretty brutal, they are dry (hurray!) and no where near as bad as they used to be.  Remember these days?  Ugh!


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