Trying New Things: Over the Water at Secret Beach and Live Comedy

Perhaps it is the new theme for my website.  Writing a 3-5 times a week about new businesses and new events on Ambergris Caye….

There is so much building, so many new ventures…just SO MUCH GOING ON.

SO here is my second installment of the week.  Let’s call it “Keepin’ Current on the Caye”.

Today’s webisode includes live professional comedy AND a new over-the-water bar!  Let’s get started…

Earlier this week I got to explore a new bar and restaurant JUST south of Secret Beach on the West Side of Ambergris Caye.

It’s called Blue Bayou Bar & Restaurant and it first came to my attention as the first over-the-water structure on the West Side of the island.

That was bound to cause a bit of Facebook-controversy since this area is part of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

Here are the photos that I took.  The water is absolutely over-the-top stunning…

Blue Bayou is located just south of Paradise on the Caye.

 We’d been wondering for a while what was going on here.  I’ve never seen a home constructed like this – it’s super interesting.  The windows will be cut out later.

I took a very short walk to check out the road.  It now runs behind the businesses at Secret Beach – from The Secret Paradise Beach Bar down to this southern most Secret Beach business.

A look to the north…

And a look to the south…a dead end.

And back towards the bar.


Last night, I went to see a Live Professional Comedy show in town at the super cute new-ish place, Iguana Juan’s.  (I stopped in for lunch and their opening just 2 months ago.)

Night time photography is…ugh…not my strong point but I’d heard such great things about the two comedy shows they’ve done since opening…

I ventured out into the night for the 8pm show.

I LOVE the lively, fun. eclectic cantina feel they’ve given this cool Back Street location.  Let me recommend reserving a balcony seat so you can watch the world go by.

SO many cute signs.

The sign for the Ladies’ Room.

Up the top secret staircase.

You’ll even see their new hats on the guys who collect the toll money at the bridge. Love the advertising.

Iguana Juan hat

And the set-up…there would be four comedians.  2 local guys including Rob, the boisterous owner of Crazy Canuck’s…

Also known as “The Crab Guy” to those who attended the UBER popular Crazy Canuck Crab Races (see a bit more in my post:  Great Things to Do With KIDS When Visiting Ambergris Caye

…Gaines Kelly as the MC and professional comic and co-owner of Iguana Juan’s, Brad Reeder.

Being the center of attention is my worst nightmare so I am IN AWE of how easy and natural these guys make this look.

My favorite part are the jokes about life in Belize – observations about food shopping, driving golf carts and running a bar on Ambergris Caye.

I could listen to that all day…and in my mind, I could do my own set.   (It’s kinda like good taste…or being a good driver…everyone thinks they have a good sense of humor.)

Stay tuned to Iguana Juan’s facebook page for their next scheduled Live Comedy Night.   And for their daily lunch and dinner specials.

I will be back to try their meatloaf and butternuts squash tacos…of THAT I am sure.

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