The First US Store Opens in Belize: Ashley Furniture Comes to Mirabs Department Store

Yesterday we flew over to Belize City for Jeff’s one week follow up visit with the cardiologist and for the Grand Opening of Ashley Furniture Store in Belize City.

Exciting for a few reasons.  It was a gorgeous day to fly.

Ashley Furniture at Mirab’s Department Store is the first US store in Belize.  No Walmart, no Starbucks, no 7-11.  The first.  And one of their over 860 stores world wide!  Based in Wisconsin, Ashley Furniture is the #1 furniture retailer in America and have stores in Costa Rica and Russia and Japan.

Exciting because it is the third floor and final floor of the HUGE Mirab Department store that opened just a few months ago in Belize City – but could seriously be in California and still be beautiful and impressive.

AND because the department store is decked out for Christmas. And like Macy’s is to New York, you just can’t feel the Christmas spirit until you visit Mirab in Belize.

So here are the many many photos I took yesterday.  I just LOVE getting in early to walk around by myself…

I can’t afford furniture right now but for inspiration and just a few beautiful accessories for your home and kitchen…Mirabs is the best.  I suggest everyone get there over the next month…it’s just beautiful.

I feel like I need these whale ceramic measuring cups.  I do…right?

I started by taking the elevator up to the third floor since the store wasn’t open yet.  A quick look around before anyone else came…

I tip-toed by the staff meeting.

Are you more urban loft?

Or comfy contemporary?

I was strangely drawn to the kids and teens’ rooms.

Or boys?  Bulldogs and maps?  Yes please!

I LOVE the wide selection of tastes and prices.  From $10 to $10,000bzd.

Are you someone that likes a faux chinchilla accent chair?

No…but I’d like to know that person.  I do love testing mattresses.

And checking out beautiful lamps…we actually need a few in our house…

Time to head down to the rest of the store.  To check out the decorations and the kitchen section…it’s my fave.

The perfect island Christmas tree.

Simple lamps!  These are SCARCE around here.

I picked up a few things.  I’m always lured in by these “Door Busters” – here are just a few.

And the toys!  What is it about the toys?

Everything looks gorgeous.  So get over there and take a look.  Feel free to get me a Beenie baby.

I’m serious.

For more information about the store or about orders and delivery or about their stock, here is the Mirab Facebook page.

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