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Hello February! Snuggling Reptiles and Truck Stop Trivia Victory on Ambergris Caye

February is here.  The busiest month and the month with the very best weather on Ambergris Caye.    I do declare!

We have friends in town – Jeff turned 50 earlier this week! – so we met up at Truck Stop for their SUPER FUN Trivia Night.    Think music and movie clips and photos rather than boring questions about classical music or Japanese anime.

I was a bit hesitant to return.  I have participated only once – I NEVER go out at night! – and our team had won.  I didn’t want to end my winning streak.

But let me start with the beginning of the day and work up to some of the trivia questions.   Some photos on the island.

We came to a screaming halt so I could take a pic of this sunning iguana.

SOUR fruits sold by the local RC school.

One the left, CRAZY SOUR BERRIES called grosera or grosella here in Belize.  And on the right, green mango.

And then a look at the candy selection around the corner.

I was just next door to Belize Chocolate.  I HAD to stop in.  I love to have a seat and enjoy just one bon-bon.  Or maybe two.

I stopped in for a WARM honey wheat bread at The Gallery – just north of the High School in San Pedro.  They are also making GORGEOUS pies.  And just the day before I bought a slice of Strawberry Rhubarb.  STRAWBERRY RHUBARB in BELIZE!

The full pie for me to dream about…

This bread – and a stick of butter…you’ll never want to leave the house again.  HEAVEN.

We headed home.  A quick walk with Frannie to look for seabeans.  They’ve been washing up like crazy on our beach.

The largest “sea heart” that I’ve ever found.  There are TONS of fun facts about the seed – from the largest pod in the world – on this website.  It is said that these seeds inspired Columbus to search for a “new world”!

I also found one “sea hamburger”, a walnut and my favorite – the comet shaped star palm seed.

I wait for the Drift Seed category at Trivia.

We headed off to Trivia.  Pretty sunset and…a crocodile making his way across the lagoon.

I didn’t take many pictures – trivia gets intense!  But I will tell you the categories…and try to remember the hardest questions from each.  We got all of these wrong.

Category One:  Who Was the Oscar Nominee?

Question:  Which one of these actors was nominated for one of the Lord of the Ring movies?

a.  Ian McClellan b. Vigo Mortenssen c.  Elijah Woods d. Sean Bean

Category Two:  Weather

What does an ombremeter measure?

Category Three:  Celebrities when they were younger

Category Four:  Top Hits of Jan 69, 79, 89, 99, ’09 and ’19

The hardest song – name and artist – by FAR to identify was the most popular song NOW.  It was something by Ariana Grande.

Category Five:  Geography – Don’t Go Chasing Waterfall

How many of the 3 falls of Niagara Falls are located entirely in Canada?

Category Six:  Football (US and Worldwide) Movies

And identify this movie!

18 teams – ours was named Carnage Asada – and we won.  Wooo hoo!

Our winnings.  About 45bzd each.  HURRAY!

February?  BRING IT ON!



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